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Top 5 Under the Radar Attractions

There is a long list of reasons why travelers take time out of their busy schedules to plan a pristine getaway to Cape Cod. Between the scenery, sensational dining, shopping, and options for exploring, it’s not hard to see why first-time visitors return time and again. While there are many stops to check off the must see in Cape Cod list, there are just as many under-the-radar attractions to enjoy across this area. The following are five not to miss out on!

Things to See in Cape Cod: Godfrey Windmill in Chatham

Cape Cod is brimming over with iconic stops to visit that are likely noted in popular guide books. It’s also filled with lesser-known things to see in Cape Cod that promise to be just as inspiring. Among them is definitely the Godfrey Windmill in Chatham. Situated in Chase Park at 125 Shattuck Place, the Godfrey Windmill dates back to 1797. Those visitors to the Godfrey Windmill with a passion for history will be thrilled by the fact that this is one of only a handful of wooden windmills found along Cape Cod and one of even fewer that still functions. The Godfrey Windmill was added to the National Register of Historic Places back in 1978 and today, is still open for guided tours Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 11:00 am until 3:00 pm.

Taylor-Bray Farm in Yarmouth Port

For all of the shopping, dining, and scenery admiring moments that a trip to Cape Cod offers up, it’s often its hidden historical attractions that provide for the most unforgettable experiences! When you’re looking for an off-the-beaten trail attraction that comes with an impressive past, a trip to the Taylor-Bray Farm in Yarmouth Port checks every box on that list. Located at 108 Bray Farm Road North, the Taylor-Bray Farm is a testament to Federal architecture that dates back to 1639! Stopping here is equivalent to stepping back in time. This farm was settled and owned by a man named Richard Taylor while the area was still an integral part of Plymouth Colony. The home that sits on the farmland was built in 1782 and has been refurbished and furnished with period-specific pieces to enjoy as you tour. There’s no charge to tour Taylor-Bray Farm, but generous donations are encouraged to keep this important piece of history alive. The farm is open daily to enjoy between dawn and dusk.

Fort Hill in Eastham

The Cape Cod that’s known and loved today played a major part in the development of what would become The United States. Many visitors to the area overlook significant landmarks that are available to be experienced that put you in touch with those founding moments. One such place is Fort Hill in Eastham. Before it was called Eastham, the area was known as Nauset by the pilgrims who settled here in 1644, and Fort Hill enjoyed its place as the highest point adjacent to the Nauset meeting house. It was both a strategic defense location for the pilgrims and thanks to its rich soil, a primary agricultural center. Today, making your way to Fort Hill is a great opportunity to reflect on the nation’s past and be a part of a place that played an important role in growing a new country.

Bearberry Hill in Truro

For the Cape Cod visitor with a love for lacing up their hiking boots and hitting the trails, Bearberry Hill in Truro is a hidden gem of a destination to enjoy. Far from the crowds and overlooking some spectacular scenery, the Bearberry Hill trail requires just about an hour of your time to complete and offers up the reward of a visit to the historic Bog House too. Both the Atlantic and Truro Hills are on full display along this route, so it’s one you’ll want to bring your camera for. Much as the name implies, the Bog House at the end of the trail sits next to a cranberry bog and offers up a place to explore restored settings that reflect life in the area in the 1830s.

Atwood Museum

Cape Cod is full of amazing museums to check out, but if you find yourself in Chatham, the Atwood Museum is a must see in Cape Cod under the radar attraction that does a fantastic job of chronicling the area’s history in a unique style The Atwood Museum can be found at 347 Stage Harbor Road and is open to the public Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm. The building itself dates back to 1926 and is operated by the Chatham Historical Society. Admission is free for those who are interested in browsing the displays and exhibits that feature artifacts, photos, and literature specific to the story of Chatham.

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