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Top 5 Sandwich Tourist Hotspots

All of Cape Cod is filled with exciting activities, beautiful land and seascapes, and a variety of sightseeing hotspots that will help you fill the minutes of your dream vacation. Many of your favorite activities will take place in the town of Sandwich, not far from your New England Vacation Rentals vacation sanctuary! Imagine being able to spend your days playing, exploring, and reveling in the history of Cape Cod’s oldest town and as the day draws to a close, arriving back “at home” within minutes, kicking off your shoes, slipping into something comfortable, and enjoying all the amenities! Then climbing into our comfortable beds where you fall instantly into a deep sleep, only to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start the whole process all over again! This guide to the top 5 things to see in Sandwich, MA will ensure that you get to see it all while living your best vacation life!

Town Neck Beach

Of course, we are going to start with a trip to the beach, especially as it may have been the first thing that drew you to one of the best Cape Cod places to see! Town Neck Beach offers calm waters, stunning views, and a serene vibe even in the height of the tourist season. Stake your claim on this section of paradise, spread out your gear (many of our New England Vacation Rentals sanctuaries will provide the basics so you don’t have to lug umbrellas, towels, and beach chairs across the country during your travels!) and prepare to enjoy a sensation of relaxation that only the beach can bring. Building sandcastles, bobbing in the surf, and reading a good book while the seas provide the most beautiful backdrop to some of the most beautiful moments promises to be the activity you enjoy the most.

Hoxie House

As we stated earlier, Sandwich is one of the oldest Cape Cod places to see, and as such, it only makes sense that you should explore more of its history. Hoxie House, located at 18 Water Street is billed as the oldest house in the area and offers a peek into what life would have been like over 100 years before our nation fought for its independence. Built in 1675 and named for the whaling captain who bought it in the 1850s, one of the most fascinating facts about the home is the realization that the people that lived there through the 1950s, did so without modern conveniences. No electricity, no plumbing, and if you can imagine, no electric heating sources!

Heritage Museums and Gardens

History comes alive on Cape Cod and there is no place more evident of this than the Heritage Museum and Gardens, located at 67 Grove Street. Offering a compound of historic structures that include a 1908 Loof Carousel, an American Automobile Collection, housed in the Shaker Round Barn, an art museum, a history museum, and over 100 acres of manicured gardens that date back multiple decades. Even the kids will love visiting the compound exploring military miniatures and antique toys that may fascinate and confound as there isn’t a plug in sight!

The Soldiers and Sailors Monument

With the exception of D.C. and Disney, it is hard to find a more all-American place to explore; our country had its humble beginnings not far from our doorstep and the tradition of honoring the Americans that sacrificed so much for our freedoms continues with this stunning monument! Located in downtown Sandwich and dedicated to those we lost in the American Civil War, the monument was constructed in 1911 and revealed to the public on a rainy Memorial Day weekend. Parades were enjoyed, speeches were given, and the 30-foot-high monument has remained an integral part of our American celebrations ever since!

Sandwich Glass Museum

The town of Sandwich was incorporated in 1639 and for the next 200 years, life on Cape Cod was spent fighting for our independence, surviving cold winters, and learning how to govern this strange new world, pretty much the same as everywhere else in our burgeoning country, but in 1825, life in Sandwich changed forever. The Boston & Sandwich Glass company opened its doors and our eyes to the possibility of combining beautiful art and functional objects and when you step inside the Sandwich Glass Museum, you will instantly be transported back to those wild and crazy days! Located at 19 Main Street in East Sandwich, the museum celebrates the art of glass and even offers classes and exhibitions on the traditional glass-blowing methods from all those years ago!

Bonus Things to See in Sandwich MA for New England Vacation Rentals Only

Of course, the 6th hottest spot on Cape Cod can be found in your Sandwich vacation rental! Offering comforts, style, and all the modern conveniences that make travel fun, your days spent exploring our homes will be the happiest ones of the summer! Reserve your favorite today!