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Top 5 Family Attractions and Activities In Sandwich

A summer vacation on Cape Cod has been a tradition for more than a couple of centuries and if your personal life journey is bringing you and your family to our New England Vacation Rentals Sandwich sanctuaries, we invite you to enjoy the most family-friendly vacation of all! Spend your days playing with the kiddos, exploring all the nooks and crannies of Cape Cod that are vastly different than any other vacation destination you have experienced, and come home every night where all the comforts of home will be waiting! This guide to family attractions and things to do in Sandwich will help ensure that the words “I’m bored!” are never heard during your week in Paradise!

Sandwich Mini Golf, 159 MA-6A

Summer is a season meant to be spent outside playing and Sandwich Mini Golf offers a fun way to fill a few hours! Grab the family and explore the world without leaving the boundaries of Sandwich because the obstacles on this fun course represent many of the places the owner has visited throughout the years, as well as some of the attractions in Sandwich, MA you will find on Cape Cod! From the Sandwich Light hole to the Lori’s Lily Pad hole, photo ops abound as you engage your family in a little bit of friendly competition!

Ice Cream Sandwich, 66 MA-6A

Sometimes the best memories are the ones that happen over the simplest moments. A late-night conversation with a teen about to move into the adult world, playing hooky with your youngest just because, and enjoying a sweet and icy treat on a beautiful summer day on Cape Cod! This last activity can be enjoyed at Ice Cream Sandwich, offering unique ice cream creations that can include a fruity pebble sando stuffed with vanilla ice cream or their Cape Cod donut ice cream sandos in a variety of flavors!

Rideaway Adventures, 449 MA-6A

The family that kayaks together will enjoy some of the richest family memories and Rideaway Adventures helps make sure you are safe while participating in a sport that is guaranteed to be addicting! Offering rentals for experienced kayakers who like to do their own thing and guided tours that will give visitors an unbelievable sense of peace and enjoyment as they explore the waterways. Also offering paddleboard adventures that will do amazing things for your core, your adventures can begin with just a phone call to 508-247-0827.

Things to Do in Sandwich’s Best Beach

There is no doubt in our minds that your Cape Cod adventures in Sandwich will involve quite a lot of sand and salt air and a day at the beach will more than likely be your favorite adventure! Town Neck Beach looks exactly what you expect a Cape Cod beach to look like, offering golden sands, calm blue waters, and rows of sea oats that add romance to your day! Take a family picture with the sun and the sea in the background, perfect your castle-building skills while constructing a sandcastle at the shore’s edge, and just relax. The sound of children’s laughter, and of other conversations will fade away as you let the sounds of the sea take up all the prime real estate in your brain, perhaps even forgoing the earbuds that have barely left your ears since they were first placed in your hot little hands! A day at a Cape Cod beach is destined to be the day you wish would repeat itself throughout eternity!

The Hoxie House, 18 Water Street

We’ve mentioned it before, but the Hoxie House is definitely worth introducing to your children! Normally, a museum is not a place that the kiddos like to explore, but when you tell them that this home is older than our country, we are sure they will start to become intrigued! Mention that the Native Americans still lived off the land when this home was built, that the only way people could travel on land was by horse or on foot, and explain that until the 1950s this unassuming structure did not have electricity, running water, or even an indoor bathroom and watch the curiosity light up their faces! The Hoxie House is a museum, but it is one guaranteed to fascinate your tiniest travelers and perhaps elicit a lifelong love of history!

Families Love Us!

Cape Cod offers a lot of lovely attractions in Sandwich, MA, enticing travelers from all over the world to land on our doorstep and our New England Vacation Rentals located in the heart of the town are equally inviting! Check out our luxury rental homes on Cape Cod for an unforgettable vacation! Offering an adventure in comfort that your entire family will love, giving guests the opportunity to enjoy barbecues in backyards that are framed by gardens of flowers or the sandy beaches of the sea while tightening the bonds that are often loosened by real-life stresses and hassles. Reserve your favorite today!