Remember when you were little and your mother needed something, she felt ok about sending you to the corner store to pick up whatever she was lacking? Her faith in you made you feel proud and you carried the money she gave you carefully in your pockets and ran as fast as your legs could carry you, determined to prove how responsible you were. Today, the classic corner store is hard to come by. But when you’re on Cape Cod, there’s a new Corner Store in Chatham, MA that has taken over! The Corner Store Chatham, located at 1403 Old Queen Anne Road in Chatham, maintains a lot of that magical wonder of our childhood and gives us a chance to feel young once again. Just to be clear, its a much beloved restaurant in Cape Cod.

Open Every Day from 6:30 AM Until 6:30 PM

The exterior of this cheerful and colorful clapboard-sided New England-style building welcomes you with Adirondack chairs built for two on its wide front porch and the smell of something wonderful that drifts out every time the front door opens. Inside, old wood floors, posts painted in fun colors, and warm golden walls offers a homey warmth. You can still feel the history of this building which, you guessed it… was once an actual “corner store”!

Soft Drinks, Coffee, and Whoopie Pies

It’s difficult not to feel young again when you spot the homemade whoopie pies in the display case, and you know you’ll be purchasing one or four to take back to your NEVR vacation home; this late-night snack may just be the highlight of your vacation! Rice Krispy Treats, hot coffee, and cold soft drinks make choosing just one treat difficult, however, so we recommend trying them all at the Corner Store Chatham, MA!

The Specials Menu is Ever Changing

And always delicious. Today’s special burrito is Chicken Cacciatore, and the panini is Balsamic Chicken, Bacon, and Bleu Cheese, but no one knows what tomorrow will bring, so be sure to check out the special board before you make your order. The regular menu offers gastronomical delights that include a selection of burritos and bowls; no tortilla means less carbs and more savory goodness in your belly! Their paninis and sandwiches include amongst others; roast beef with Vermont cheddar or grilled eggplant that will make even the most diehard carnivore’s mouth water in anticipation at the Corner Store in Chatham, MA!