Have you ever had those moments where nobody in the family can decide where to go for dinner? Something sounds good to one person, but not to anybody else? Why not get the best of both worlds and go to a place where everyone can find something incredible to enjoy? This place is located right on 593 Main Street, and it is the joint Chatham Raw Bar and Bistro on Main, where you’ll find nothing but good times and fresh ingredients!

Food Just as Nature Intended at the Raw Bar

The Chatham Raw Bar holds one belief near and dear to their hearts: food should be enjoyed just as nature intended and in its purest (and most delicious!) form. This is why Chatham Raw Bar offers a wide variety of local shellfish and seafood in its purest form.

One of the best things about ordering from the Raw Bar menu is knowing exactly where your meal is coming from and therefore guaranteeing that it is both fresh and authentic. For example, why not order some of the local Chatham oysters that are hard shell with gray-green and brown accents, rich, firm meats with a sweet taste and mild mineral finish? Or you can feel free to check out the tuna poke, which features locally caught tuna, scallions, cilantro, and more! All of the menu options are seasonal (and thus the menu is subject to change), but you’re always guaranteed the freshest raw seafood on all of Cape Cod!

Sample Good Food with Quality Ingredients at the Bistro on Main

Though they may cook some of their food, unlike their Raw Bar counterparts, the culinary masters at the Bistro on Main share the same vision: nothing but the highest quality ingredients for their customers! Bistro on Main believes that you don’t need to be overly fancy with food or create something ridiculously complicated; rather, just use quality ingredients and pair it with a good drink and good friends! It is this belief that has made Bistro on Main Chatham’s go-to neighborhood bistro for years, with meals such as buttermilk cornmeal dusted cod & chips, five cheese ravioli, and so much more! They have been proudly serving food on Cape Cod for almost three decades now, and it is their passion and commitment to excellence in using only the best ingredients that keeps customers coming back year after year!

So the next time you’re on Cape Cod, make sure to stop by and check out the best of both worlds at the Chatham Raw Bar and Bistro on Main! They are located right in downtown at 593 Main Street. Browse our wide variety of cozy and spacious vacation rental homes to find the perfect one for your stay.