If Cape Cod resembles an arm with the fist at the end of Highway 6, then Brewster is right alongside the bicep curving in to the elbow. Brewster, MA is a great place to experience Cape Cod. Set right alongside Cape Cod Bay, you’re close to the ocean’s breeze and bounty. Soak up the scent of the surf and the sound of the waves; take in the idyllic scenes of boats heading in and out of harbor. Take the opportunity to enjoy the seafood that makes “New England Clam Chowder” country-famous! The weather is brisk and invigorating in the spring, mild and welcoming in summer, and cool and calming in the fall with fantastic foliage, so most common vacation times are perfect for visiting the Cape Cod Brewster area.

Sights to See

Brewster in particular offers a few places to visit that are popular with both tourists and locals. Head over to Brewster Oysters and get the seafood straight from the source. Check out the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History—it’s great for kids, and explains a lot about how New England (and New Englanders) are shaped by their environment. Speaking of nature, Brewster also boasts the Nickerson State Park, a lovely place for walks and bike rides that features a beautiful lake and lovely aquatic birds such as heron and osprey. Cape Cod Brewster vacations offer a great combination of natural sights and local establishments.


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While Brewster is amazing in itself, there is much more to see in Cape Cod below: