The only downside to vacation is all the planning and forethought that has to go into it, but as usual, New England Vacation Rentals has you covered. We’ve created this guide to planning your upcoming Cape Cod vacation, ensuring this getaway will be fun even before it starts!

Packing your Bags

Even as Massachusetts is known for severe weather, Cape Cod is protected from much of the worst, offering warm days that can cool nicely in the summer, springs that seem to last just a day or two, winters with a little snow, and some of the most beautiful fall weather in the world. When packing, however, most guests can get away with packing a light jacket in the summer and filling up the rest of your bags with shorts, tee shirts, flip flops, and of course, swimsuits! Sunscreen is recommended for days at the beach and good walking shoes for all the hiking and biking you are going to enjoy, ensuring that you will be comfortable and well prepared. Life is casual on Cape Cod, so leave the evening gowns and tuxes behind. And because our vacation sanctuaries almost always provide washers and dryers, you can pack lighter than normal, saving room for gifts and souvenirs!

What to Do on Cape Cod

Once you arrive on Cape Cod, one thing you may find simply amazing is learning that our island home is exactly as you imagined it would be—and possibly even better! Plan on spending long days at the beach, perhaps enjoying a bonfire on a chilly summer day and sampling the foods that make us stand out in the culinary world, including stuffed quahogs, clam chowder, and lobster rolls. Our story as a nation began on this beautiful cape, and when you visit the Hoxie House, one of the oldest homes on Cape Cod, you will get a better understanding of what life was like in those early days. Whether you are shopping, dining, playing at the beach or simply being mesmerized by another glorious sunset, in the back of your mind a smile will be blooming as you contemplate going home to New England Vacation Rentals for an evening of comfort and relaxation!

The Most Important Item on Your List

The home you stay in during your time on Cape Cod is important to the success of your vacation, and choosing New England Vacation Rentals ensures you make the right decision. Reserve your favorite today!

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