To truly get to understand the place you are visiting today, taking a little trip into the past is all you need to do! The history of Cape Cod is long and rich, and while it won’t change the outcome of your escape to the Cape, these facts will help you fall deeper in love with what we think is the most beautiful place on earth!

The Pilgrims Landed Here First

Everyone has heard the story of the pilgrims stepping out on to Plymouth Rock, and the story continues from there, but what you may not know is that they actually landed on the lower tip of Cape Cod first, finding water, food, and experiencing a fight with the natives first. Deciding that the area was too inhospitable to sustain a colony, they got back on the boats and headed across Cape Cod Bay to form the first colony named Plymouth.

Sandwich Was Settled over 150 Years Before America Became an Independent Nation

Sandwich was the first of the towns settled on Cape Cod, and in 1637, the landscape was far different than it is today! Wild, rugged, and untamed, the troubles Puritans faced made it doubtful that anyone would survive, let alone flourish. Harsh weather in the cold months and a variety of foods that many didn’t realize were edible ensured that only the hardiest settlers would last, and conflicts with the natives that lived here made it even more difficult.

The Oldest Surviving House

We talk a lot about Hoxie House built in 1675, but it is the Wing Fort House in East Sandwich that maintains the distinction of being the oldest still standing house on Cape Cod. Built in 1641, the Wing family and their descendants lived in the space through 1942. That’s 300 years of family, if you can imagine, and today, the Wing Fort House stands as a testament to the construction skills of our earliest settlers while serving as a museum that tells the story of Cape Cod’s history.

Presidents Loved Us

Ulysses S. Grant was the first President to visit our island home in 1874, Grover Cleveland owned a house in Bourne where he would spend his time fishing, and of course, John F. Kennedy and his family made Hyannis their second home! Presidents love Cape Cod, and when you visit, you will see why. Reserve your favorite New England Vacation Rentals sanctuary today!

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