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Sometimes procrastination can be a good thing, especially in the case of vacation planning! The reasons for waiting until the last minute can be many; perhaps you won the lottery and quit your job, or maybe another vacation you had planned out fell through. It doesn’t really matter why you waited so long, but because you did, you find yourself saving a little money and having a lot more fun than you ever imagined. New England Vacation Rentals is known throughout the world for our luxurious, comfortable, and stylish last minute Cape Cod rentals located exactly where travelers want to be, and although summer is our busy season, just as in your own life, sometimes things happen and rentals fall through! Our loss can be your gain, however, and as you find that the vacation home you always dreamed about is “back on the market” and that you have the time to get away and enjoy it, you also may find that you are saving a little money, as sometimes the owners would prefer to rent it out at a discount rather than not rent it out at all. This guide to your last-minute vacation in paradise may even start a new tradition of procrastination in your family vacation planning!

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Ocean View
Private Beach Access
Walk to beach (.5 or less)
Waterfront (Lake/Pond/River)
Walk to town (.5 or less)
Bike Trail (.5 or less)

Central Air Conditioning
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Heat (for off season)
Linens Included
Fully Fenced Yard

Private Pool
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Private Hot Tub

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Yes, It’s Real!

The beauty of our Cape Cod vacation homes will have you pinching yourself to determine if it is all real, especially as you haven’t had much time to get used to the idea, but we assure you, this amazing vacation and the stunning home you have chosen to temporarily make your own is real and ready to spoil and pamper all who reside within its walls! Living rooms are spacious and warm, featuring comfortable seating, state-of-the-art televisions, and in many cases a fireplace that will add romance to your last-minute getaway. Some of our homes offer multiple living spaces and quite possibly the one you have chosen may have just a couple of chairs in front of the fireplace in the second living room, offering a place to sit, chat, and exchange dreams with your favorite traveling partner. Also providing a wonderful place to lose yourself in stories told by others, these rooms often tend to be the most popular ones in the house.

Dining rooms serve as multipurpose rooms, giving guests the perfect spot to play games with the family, engage in adventure planning sessions as you discuss what you will be doing the next day over coffee or tea, or of course, devour the meals that were prepared in our fully equipped kitchens. The kitchens often combine historic charm—found in the large casings that surround each window and the historic hues painted on the walls and cabinets—blended with modern conveniences that include upgraded appliances and fixtures. Offering all the small appliances necessary to ensure a smooth and fully caffeinated holiday away from home, these cheerful rooms are where guests gravitate to at all times of the day and night, seeking snacks, refreshment, or quiet conversations as they snack and sip!

Offering office spaces tucked away under windows and high-speed internet that allows guests to keep in touch with the office, game rooms with a variety of game tables for competitive fun, and backyard spaces with patios, barbecue grills, and views that you will never be able to get out of your mind, our Cape Cod vacation rentals are destined to make you happy that you waited until the last minute to take this exciting vacation.

At night, when the Cape quiets and the night sky turns an inky black, slipping between the silky soft linens that top our premium mattresses promises to be the highlight of a getaway filled with many such moments! Prop yourself against the headboard of your bed and watch a little television to shut down your brain or open that book you have been unable to put down and read “just one more chapter” until you realize that you have reached the end and everyone in your traveling party is in the midst of their deepest sleep cycles. That’s ok, though, because as you set the book on the night stand beside you, reach over to turn off the lamp, and snuggle into the cozy depths of the bed, you know that can sleep late into the morning and there is another book to keep you occupied tucked away in your suitcase laying open on the luggage stand in the closet! This last-minute escape to paradise has provided everything your soul needed, and that is before you leave the boundaries of the property.

Reserve Your Favorite Tomorrow

Ok, we aren’t really suggesting you wait until tomorrow to pick the vacation home of your dreams, but if you do, it’s ok; we are sure you will find something to make your last-minute getaway the best vacation you have ever enjoyed! See you soon!