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There are many reasons travelers may choose a villa on Cape Cod for their annual vacation. Some traveling parties are larger than others, requiring more space, more bedrooms, more ways to be entertained. Some just want that extra space to remind them of the days when space was a luxury and travel rarely happened. And still others may just like being able to say that their East Sandwich villa was simply divine—a statement that is both truthful and rolls off the tongue in exceedingly fun ways! Whatever your reason for seeking out a villa to shelter you during your unforgettable escape to the Cape, New England Vacation Rentals offers the spaces you seek in the locations you love, including Cape Cod’s oldest town, the picturesque and charming Sandwich. This guide to our East Sandwich villas gives visitors a sneak peek into what a dream vacation can look like when it comes true!

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Filled with Light and Warmth

The charm of an East Sandwich villa cannot be ignored, and as you and your favorite traveling companions step inside for the first time, their light filled rooms will welcome all warmly. Living rooms offering all the comforts of home may be your first stop, encouraging you to give the soft sofas that dominate the space an experimental bounce, to pick up the remote and leisurely click through the channels of state-of-the-art televisions that may be Smart or cable access, but will always provide entertainment. Fireplaces are common in our villas, because even during the summer months, the nighttime hours can be a tad cool, and also, what can be more romantic than a living room picnic on a rainy Tuesday afternoon? Spread a blanket on the floor, (there may be a throw tossed against the back of the sofa or, there are usually extra blankets and pillows tucked away on the top shelves of closets!) prepare a feast of picnic type foods (grapes, cheeses, sandwiches, or even fried chicken if you really feel like going all out) and open a bottle of your favorite wine. The heavy gray skies outside will add a dramatic darkness that will be dispelled by the cheerful brightness of the flames, and as you eat, drink, and share secrets and dreams you will soon discover that this picnic by the fire is one more memory you will cherish forever. Of course, families traveling with children may find it a tad difficult to find some alone time, but that’s ok; family matters, and these moments you spend playing Monopoly at generously sized dining tables, building sandcastles at shore’s edge, and listening to the whispers and giggles that burst out of the bedrooms and bunkrooms every night are just more ways to tighten the bonds between you.

The kitchens of our East Sandwich villas are spacious and cheerful, providing plenty of room for more than one chef to work together and can be the center of your family fun. These rooms, just like the ones back in your own home, are the holders of the secrets, the keepers of traditions, (Can you think of a better time to share the secret ingredients for the lasagna recipe that the women in your family have been passing on for generations?) and the place keeper for fun. Sharing snacks by the light of the oven hood late at night, sipping that first cup of coffee in the morning and pouring the first glass of wine each evening; food, beverage, and companionship is just another wonder provided by the family kitchen!

Backyards that look over the sea bring more peaceful moments, and even if your East Sandwich villa doesn’t offer sea views, the majestic body of water is always within a few minutes stroll of your vacation escape, ensuring long days of fun and frolic, and that you will come back home with a tan your friends will be jealous of! At night, sleep will be deep and dreams will be happy ones in rooms designed for peace, tranquility, and restfulness, and every morning will be something to look forward to as you know that you will awaken feeling ready to face a new day of Cape Cod adventures.

Holidays in East Sandwich

The summer holidays reign supreme in East Sandwich, each all-American celebration enhanced with the realization that you are standing in the footsteps of the brave heroes who left the comfort of their homeland to forge new lives of independence and a scary new country. It will be hard not to feel a bit emotional as you watch fireworks in the sky, view flags whipping about the wind, and perhaps explore the history of Cape Cod with a visit to the Wing Fort, a home built over 100 years BEFORE our nation gained its independence!

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