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When it’s time to start planning a Cape Cod vacation with your large family or close group of friends, you may worry that you won’t be able to find a dwelling large enough to hold everyone, but we at New England Vacation Rentals are here to inform you that the opposite is true, especially if your plans are leaning in the direction of Sagamore Beach. Offering pristine beaches on Cape Cod Bay and some of our most beautiful and welcoming 6-bedroom rentals, your escape to the Cape will be exciting and comfortable. This guide to homes filled with beauty, style, and quite possibly you and up to 11 of your favorite traveling companions will paint a picture of movie quality vacation on the most well known Cape in the world.

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Comfort Is Key

New England Vacation Rentals understands that even as travelers are wanting to experience new adventures, see new places, and try new foods, that they also need a soft place to land at the end of every day. Comfort is key in Sagamore Beach, and our homes that are spacious and large are also comfortable and welcoming. Step into spaces filled with light and take a moment to examine the treasures that are revealed within. Living rooms with plush sofas are waiting for guests to sink into their soft depths, reach for the remotes that turn on the state-of-the-art televisions, and let the relaxation begin. Dining rooms are multipurpose spaces, designed to hold the laughter of families dining together, playing board games, or simply sitting in the quiet of the early morning hours, sipping coffee and relish the peace found within. Some of our larger homes may offer cozy niches, furnished with comfy chairs where conversations can be held and books may be read, ensuring that even in the midst of the raucous fun and loud good times, quiet and serenity can be found.

The Choice Is Yours

When you choose our 6-bedroom rentals, you also have a choice on how you want to enjoy all the days of your stay. Fully equipped kitchens give the first of many choices, offering the opportunity to save a few dollars and eat meals at home, especially as feeding a group of 12 by dining out every meal could get really pricey. Modern appliances also include the small ones such as coffee makers and blenders, enabling guests to stay fully caffeinated and to enjoy refreshing and frosty beverages, perhaps raising a toast to the sunset with margaritas. Lobster pots are often included in these rooms, because this is Massachusetts, and our lobster is fresh, sweet, and delicious! And because you can never have enough choices, the patios in our backyards offer more places to eat and another spot to cook as gas grills have their place on our properties as well. Laundry rooms (or closets) give guests the choice of packing light and shopping more, being eager to fill the empty spaces in their suitcases with treasures found during their Cape Cod explorations. After making that first choice of picking New England Vacation Rentals for your vacation accommodations we spoil you with a lengthy list of choices that follow.

Those Beachy Nights

Not every Sagamore Beach rental will be located on the beach, but this village is small enough that if its not within sight, the beach won’t be far away. Spend evenings at home gathered round firepits, roasting marshmallows, telling ghost stories, and savoring the salt air as the sea provides accompanying music not that far away. Patios provide a great place for watching the sun rise or set and can offer a quiet place to get away from the noise and crowds inside.

Let’s Talk Sleep

Your Cape Cod adventures are going to be filled with fun and excitement, but some of your best memories may be of all the sleep you receive in our tranquil bedrooms. Larger homes mean more bedrooms, ensuring that everyone has a place to retreat when the moon rises and your nights will be as quiet as your days are loud. Every room has something that makes it stand out and the configuration of beds will lead to long nights of good sleep, even if the littles sharing the room tucked away in what may have formerly been the attic space fall asleep a little later. Uncontrolled giggles, excited whispers, and not so quiet conversations will die down as the sandman begins his job. Adult travelers will find that premium beds, soft pillows, and maybe a little television before sleep will ensure a night filled with the happiest of dreams.

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Vacation dreams come true on Cape Cod, especially when your dreams include the comfort and style our 6-bedroomroom rentals offer every guest who resides within.