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The end of the year brings on many reflections, as we explore all that went right in the last 12 months and examine ways to change all that went wrong. We resolve to make changes and hope that the days ahead are filled with peace, happiness, fortune, and for many of our guests at New England Vacation Rentals, as much travel to new and exotic places as their busy jobs will let them accomplish! As a matter of fact, after the last two or three years, many of the resolutions we are making have changed from exercising more, eating less, and working harder to ones that involve selfcare. Choosing to be kind to ourselves, to spend more time with our families, and to travel more, 2023 promises to be a different kind of wonderful, especially when you choose one of our Cape Cod beach house rentals! Offering stunning winter landscapes that will touch your soul, beautiful moments you will cherish forever, and all the comforts of home in our 2023 vacation rentals on Cape Cod, it will be impossible to have a bad year when you start the new one on Cape Cod! 

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2023 Vacation Rentals On Cape Cod

Cape Cod is larger than many people realize, offering over 1306 square miles on a peninsula that is over 65 miles long, and all the villages and towns that cover those miles each offer their own vibe and ambience. Divided into four regions—Upper, Mid, Lower, and Outer—there is no wrong area in which to stay, just many options that are absolutely perfect for your family! And because we at New England Vacation Rentals understand that the more choices travelers have, the more satisfied they will be, we offer escapes in every region, each one designed with its own New England style and charm. 

Choose a charming cottage in the Upper Cape, located within walking distance to our world-famous beaches, and spend many happy evenings reveling in the warmth of a fire as the snow falls gently to the ground outside. Enjoy an intimate getaway for two in the Mid Cape region, sipping coffee at a dining table surrounded by windows and planning out adventures of the day that may include nothing more than a nap in front of the fireplace and an evening spent watching romantic comedies on state-of-the-art televisions! Honor your first and second resolutions of being kind to yourself and spending more time with your family during your Lower Cape stay in Chatham as you stage a family photograph in front of the Chatham lighthouse and enjoy a fun-filled evening watching movies in the historic 1915 Orpheum Theater that has been a staple of our night’s out nearly since its opening day. And fall in love with the tranquility and the rugged beauty of the ocean in winter with a stay in one of our oceanfront Outer Cape escapes, storing away the peaceful moments to be reexamined on a more chaotic day later in the year. Each property we offer provides that something special today’s travelers crave and deserve! 

All the Details

Ocean views are important, and comfortable beds are vital to the success of your Cape Cod new year’s journey, but the smaller details are the ones that will transform your entire vacation experience. Fully equipped kitchens offer many luxuries, but the one item most appreciated may be the coffee maker on the counter that ensures you don’t have to rush out of the house each morning to seek out the nearest coffee shop. (And there is nothing better than enjoying a hot cup of coffee on a cold and snowy morning!) A state-of-the-art television, Smart or otherwise, will be most appreciated, but when your kiddos can watch cartoons as they eat a bowl of cereal at the breakfast bar, parents will be happy for a few moments of peace and quiet and the opportunity to enjoy a second cup of coffee! The addition of a game table—foosball, pool, or even air hockey—will allow guests to spend many carefree moments playing together and ensure that your escape to Cape Cod sets the stage for a year filled with family time that will be appreciated for months to come. Over the years we have learned that the small details are just as important as the larger ones, and our attention to them all will help you have a vacation that you will never forget!

The Magic of Cape Cod

If you are lucky, you will be able to experience more than a few vacations over the next 12 months of your life, but remember that the first one should set an example of wonderful that bleeds over into the ones that follow. The magic of Cape Cod will permeate every minute of your adventures, and the homes, cottages, and condos we offer will reflect the beauty of this amazing peninsula! Each space we offer will be welcoming, providing a not-so-complicated blend of the creature comforts you crave and the modern conveniences you demand. The winter months are cold ones, and the romance and warmth found in a roaring fire crackling merrily in brick fireplaces can never be overrated, but when the mercury drops, electric heat will make you thankful Ben Franklin flew that kite all those centuries ago! 

On the other hand, having enough seating options for every seat in your traveling party is a necessity, but would you enjoy the seating for long if not for the plush comforts our sofas and chairs have to offer? Outdoor showers in our beachfront homes can be used during your vacation on Cape Cod in the warmer months, and deep soaking tubs will be used every night of your stay no matter the season. Spacious kitchens are cheerful, and like the outdoor showers, may not be used much, but sure will be appreciated when the urge to stay in and enjoy a home-cooked meal hits. Every comfort and every modern convenience we offer promises to ensure that 2023 will be vastly different from the last few years, and we at New England Vacation Rentals are proud to contribute to your new year of wonderful! 

A Blank Slate

Your 2023 datebook may be blank right now, each page waiting for something to be written in, but it won’t stay empty for long. One day you will blink and it will be time to start planning your summer vacation, and after a large yawn you will discover the winter holidays have arrived! Life doesn’t stop to wait for you to make plans, it just barrels right on, and today is the perfect time to take a few minutes from your day and choose the New England Vacation Rentals escape of your dreams. The best way to ensure that your 2023 will be the best one ever is by starting out the new year doing something that speaks to your soul, and your days on Cape Cod will do exactly that while providing memories that will be cherished by you and every member of your traveling party. Contact us today to reserve your favorite today!