Millions of people love the briny, salty, fresh-from-the-ocean taste of Cape Cod oysters—so much so that they are a delicacy in New England and a Cape Cod specialization! Here, you’ll find all sorts of restaurants with oyster bars where you can pick and choose your type depending on your palate and your location preference. Below, we’ve put together a brief list of a few of our favorite Cape Cod oyster restaurants. We hope that you enjoy these restaurants and their oysters as much as we do; they really are the best oysters on Cape Cod!

Naked Oyster Bistro and Raw Bar

Naked Oyster Bistro and Raw Bar in Hyannis has its own private oyster farm from which it harvests its Cape Cod oysters, serving them farm to table. The restaurant also puts a creative spin on classic seafood dishes, in addition to boasting a lengthy wine list, all housed within a modern space.

Oyster Company Raw Bar & Grill

In Dennisport, the Oyster Company Raw Bar & Grill is an institution in the local culinary landscape that has not only fantastic Cape Cod oysters, but also a great casual-dining atmosphere with seasonal outdoor seating. They’re also known for their seafood staples and handcrafted specialty martinis.

Impudent Oyster

For a truly modern, upscale take on the Cape Cod oyster dining experience in Chatham, look no further than Impudent Oyster. Pairing a massive selection of fresh oysters and decadent seafood dishes with a lively and fun bar scene, the entirety of the restaurant is all within a former church, making for a unique and hip dining locale.

The Port Restaurant

This popular New American seafood restaurant draws quite the crowd in Harwich, particularly for their famous raw bar of oysters. Their beer, wine, cocktails, seafood dishes, and chic, contemporary space are also famously wonderful. If you eat here, you’ll also be treated to exquisite ocean views, as the restaurant is located on the elbow of Cape Cod along the Nantucket Sound.

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