Massachusetts is the birthplace of our country, and if you’re expecting to find a lot of historical locations to explore during your Cape Cod vacation, well, you would be exactly right! From that moment when the Mayflower first arrived at Provincetown and traveled on to famous Plymouth nearby, what would one day be known as Massachusetts set the standards for what life in America would be like. Today, you can walk in the footsteps of those brave souls who went before us as you explore the land that is now known as Cape Cod—enjoy! Below is a list of some of the best historical attractions on Cape Cod.

Wing Fort House, 63 Spring Hill Road East Sandwich

The historical architecture on the Cape will never cease to amaze, and of the attractions cape cod, this home, built in 1641, is a prime example of what good construction and care can mean to your own home. For over three centuries, multiple generations of the same family have made their home here, and when you visit in the summer, you can take a tour.

Sturgis Library, 3090 Main Street Barnstable

Call us geeks or dorks, but nothing makes us happier than getting lost in a library, and the Sturgis Library, built in 1684, is one of our favorite historical attractions on Cape Cod to get lost in! Still functioning as a working library, you can’t help but imagine our ancestors walking the floors as they peruse the shelves looking for that perfect story.

Pilgrim Monument, 1 High Pole Hill Road Provincetown

Commemorating the accomplishments and sacrifices made by the pilgrims who gave up everything they ever knew to start life anew in what was then considered a hostile environment, this Cape Cod Massachusetts attractions is a stone tower that stands over 250 feet high. Construction began on this important monument in 1907 and wasn’t completed until 1910. When you visit this monument, you can feel the ghosts of those who risked everything standing a little taller.

Kennedy Compound, 50 Marchant Avenue Hyannis

One of the biggest historical attractions on Cape Cod, America’s version of Camelot was a golden time in our history, with the players spending their summers in these historic clapboard homes. Because of privacy walls, the best way to view this bastion of all that was wonderful about America in the 60s is by water. And while you’re hanging out in Hyannis, be sure and stop by the John F. Kennedy Hyannis Museum at 397 Main Street; there’s always something new to learn about our 35th POTUS and his tragedy-stricken family.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts Attractions: History is All Around You

Wherever you step on Cape Cod, you are surrounded by the history of our country. Spend your days visiting the historic sites that make us proud and your nights sleeping comfortably in your New England Vacation Rentals vacation home. Reserve yours today and feel a renewed respect for early American history!

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