Have you ever stood back at an airport and watched people collecting their luggage from baggage claim? You can usually tell if they are just arriving at their vacation spot or whether they are home again by the expressions on their faces. Those beginning their vacations are generally jovial and happy, while those returning are resigned, slightly tired, and kind of sad about returning to reality. But did you know you can also tell if certain people just returned from a snorkeling vacation in an exotic location just by comparing the front of their bodies to their back! Snorkelers spend a lot of time with the fronts of their body submerged under water, marveling about the wonders they are seeing, and very frequently they forget to use sunscreen on the body parts exposed to the sun, leading to pink calves, shoulders, and necks! We care about our guests, so consider this a reminder: Don’t forget your sunscreen when Cape Cod Snorkeling!

What is Snorkeling in Massachusetts?

You’ve probably seen people who snorkel at some point in your life. They are generally floating on their bellies in the ocean, wearing a mask with a tube that sticks out of the water (this is your breathing tube) and frog flippers on their feet. The world under the sea is a magical one, and spending a few hours snorkeling can be the highlight of any ocean vacation. If you’re considering giving it a try, rentals on Cape Cod are relatively inexpensive, there are plenty of Cape Cod snorkeling spots, and snorkeling equipment can be found in most dive shops. We’ve listed a few of our faves below.

Adventure Diving, 590 Locust Road Eastham

While this shop specializes in diving equipment for other activities, you can also rent what you need for Cape Cod snorkeling here as well. All you really need is a mask and snorkel, but you may want to consider a wetsuit if you are snorkeling later in the season!

Sea Sports Cyclery & Outdoors, 1441 Iyannough Road Hyannis

Once you take up the sport of snorkeling, it’s pretty much a given that you will be a fan for life, so why not purchase your own snorkeling equipment? It’s minimal, compact, and easy to pack, and Sea Sports Cyclery has a huge selection of equipment for all ages, sizes, and skill levels!

Where Can You Snorkel on Cape Cod?

That’s the beauty of Cape Cod snorkeling: You can do it any place you can swim! So if you’re renting a NEVR beach cottage, you can step outside your back door and be exploring under the sea in just a matter of seconds! Reserve your beach cottage today and take a chance on a new obsession!

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