Living in a place as beautiful as we do, you might think it loses its appeal, or maybe that we start to not notice the beauty that is in our face every day. You would be wrong! Every morning when we walk out our doors, every evening when we head back home, and every moment in between, we not only notice, we celebrate it, and the many artists who make their home on the shores of Cape Cod create masterpieces that honor the wonder that is the Cape. You can’t drive far on Cape Cod without stumbling across charming Cape Cod art galleries and stores that offer you the opportunity to take a piece of our island back home with you. Here’s a list of some of our favorites!

Struna Galleries, Brewster & Chatham

This gallery has two locations, one in Brewster at 3873 Main Street, and one in Chatham at 458 Main Street; we recommend you visit both! With a majority of the artwork in the Brewster revolving around the Cape by local artist Timothy Jon Struna, the gallery in Chatham is run by his daughter and offers only Struna originals.

The Schoolhouse Gallery, Provincetown

Featuring the works of artists both local and afar, the Schoolhouse Gallery is a modern art gallery that specializes in paintings, prints, and even sculptures. While not the place to expect classic New England style paintings, art lovers the world over flock to the doors of this unique gallery daily.

The Left Bank Gallery, Wellfleet & Orleans

Located not far from your Orleans vacation home, the Left Bank Gallery is so wonderful they had to spread the love to Wellfleet! Featuring paintings, metalwork, glass work, and many other artistic mediums, we love to spend rainy afternoons browsing their wares for new finds.

Harvest Gallery & Wine Bar, Dennis

You had us at wine! This unique gallery mixes our favorite beverage with the artwork of over 30 local artists and comes up with a winner. Offering a light food menu and musical entertainment as well, The Harvest Gallery is one of our absolute favorite art galleries in Cape Cod to visit while on vacation!

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