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The upside to vacationing in the summer is it generally means no responsibilities, no work, no stress or deadlines, and you still get paid! Kind of a cool deal when you think about it—you get paid to play!

The downside to vacationing in the summer is the heat. Dry and fierce, or damp and smothering, summer heat can drain the energy and enthusiasm out of a body and leave you tired, cranky, and in need of a nap. Fortunately, there are creative ways to stay cool, and the top way is to go to Cape Cod on your summer break!

Cape Cod’s average highs in the summer range between 68 and 78 degrees! But because it can, very rarely, top 90 degrees in the summer here, our wonderful staff at New England Vacation Rentals have compiled a list of 5 Cape Cod summer activities to keep you cool.

Go to the Beach

The waters off the coast of the Cape can range from just right to icy cold depending on where you are. Cape Cod Bay tends to have the warmest temperatures, generally reaching around 70 degrees in the hottest days of summer, while Nauset Beach runs the coldest!

Sandwich Glass Museum

On the hottest of the dog days of summer, staying inside is often the wisest way to survive, and visiting a museum—any museum, although we are partial to the Sandwich Glass Museum—can be both engaging and fun! The Sandwich Glass Museum offers beautiful exhibits of glass art, glass blowing exhibitions hourly, and many interactive “hands on” activities to fascinate even the youngest in your group.

Cape Playhouse

Continuing with the staying indoors theme, why not see a play? The Cape Playhouse is home to our nation’s oldest professional theater group, and having the opportunity to not only watch a finely acted production, but to also get a glimpse inside a historical landmark (church pews serve as patrons’ seats!) makes staying inside a really good thing!


We never miss out on a good shopping spree, and if it means staying cool while you do, well, there is NO down side! Cape Cod offers shopping opportunities of all kinds: kitschy souvenir stores, art galleries, charming boutiques with adorable handmade items that are just begging to be owned by you, and endless antique stores that will have you amazed at the age and quality of their inventory!

Woods Hole Science Aquarium

Spend the day admiring the exciting world of undersea life at the Woods Hole Science Aquarium. Laugh at the antics of the rescued seals, marvel at the beauty of the sea life that makes their home in the northeast and middle Atlantic waters, and stay cool while you’re doing it!

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