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Harwich is a small town on the southeast corner of Cape Cod. Along with the other towns on the Cape, it boasts a one of a kind culture, rich history, and some of the most beautiful surroundings that you can find in the whole United States.

Go for a Swim

In Harwich, you can find some of the best beaches in all of Cape Cod. Besides the beautiful surroundings and great weather, the warm waters of the Nantucket Sound make this a great place to take a swim or relax in the sand. The water is significantly warmer than beaches that sit on the outer Cape.

The Cape Cod Rail Trail

The Rail Trail is a favorite for visitors and locals alike. It offers the practicality of transport without traffic, but also the fun of taking a slow ride throughout the beauty of Cape Cod. With one ride along the Cape Cod Rail Trail, you will get a true sense of the area and what makes it so special. This includes the charming city streets as well as the expansive coastline. This ride is sure to be the most relaxing 26 miles of your trip.

Catch a Baseball Game

Cape Cod is home to a thriving amateur baseball league. Whitehouse Field is the home of the local Mariners, who are pitted against other Cape Cod teams throughout the year. These games provide all of the ambiance of a major league game without the huge crowds and high prices. This is a great way to spend an evening in the beautiful weather of Cape Cod.

Visit Some of the Historic Landmarks of the Area

Cape Cod is the first place that British colonists arrived in what is now the United States. As such, there are many reminders of this aspect of our history. One of the most powerful of these landmarks is the Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown, where these people first landed. This monument is a massive stone pillar that rises high into the sky, a great spectacle that all visitors should enjoy.

Go for a Tour

There are countless tours that will give you an intimate glimpse into the beauty and charm of the area. One of the coolest ways to this exploring is by kayak. You have the option of taking a tour with a guide or just doing a self-guided one. The typical route is through the Herring River leading to a private beach where you can enjoy the amazing views.

The Harwich area is a very special one that offers countless things to. This modest list does not even begin to scratch the surface of what the area offers but it is a great place to start.