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In the best of worlds, every vacation you take would be one that would last as long as you needed to see everything there is to see, but in the real world, time off is often limited and we have to make do with what our employers see fit. This means that although you would love to have at least a month to explore our wonderful Cape Cod attractions, you may have to do it in just three short days. We think if you follow this guide, your Cape Cod getaway is guaranteed to be a memorable one!

Cape Cod Attractions – Day 1: No Sleep

Forcing yourself to exit the comforts of our New England Vacation Rentals’ classic rentals each morning may be one of the most difficult things you have ever done, but you only have three days to see as much of the Cape as possible, so let’s get moving! Start with breakfast at one of the best spots in the mid-Cape area, Hangar B Eatery at 240 George Ryder Road in Chatham. The stack of lemon ricotta pancakes will keep you well fueled for your day of adventures! Staying close to Chatham to alleviate travel time, your first experience is going to be a visit to the Chatham Shark Center at 235 Orleans Road. Learn all there is to know about the most misunderstood creature of the sea as you explore the exhibits, displays, and interactive exhibits found here. The rest of your day should be spent exploring the Chatham Light and the beach it presides over! In the summer you can climb to the top, but we think it’s a great place to visit no matter what time of year; family pictures taken here will make you smile!

Day 2: Dennis Adventures

Although every season is the right season to play on Cape Cod, summer is when the Cape is hopping, and going on Dennis adventures is going to be an experience of a lifetime. Explore your inner artist with a visit to the Cape Cod Museum of Art at 60 Hope Lane, enjoy a Massachusetts classic lobster roll at the Sesuit Harbor Café at 357 Sesuit Neck Road, or enjoy a night at the theater and some of the best community theater plays featured at the Cape Playhouse on 820 Main Street, Route 6A. Starting with the Importance of Being Earnest, shown June 12 through June 22nd and ending with Death Trap, shown August 21 through August 31st, every performance is destined to be the best one you’ve seen all year! And if you just can’t get enough lobster rolls, the Lobster Roll Sunset Cruise offered by Cape Cod Lobster Cruises costs just $45 per person! This is one of the best Cape Cod attractions in the area.

Day 3: Saying Bye to Brewster

It’s your last day on beautiful Cape Cod, but don’t feel sad, there are still many Cape Cod attractions to see and adventures to be had before you say bye to Brewster! Let’s take a step back in to the past with visits to the 1799 Elijah Cobb House, the 1659 Dillingham House, and the Stony Brook Grist Mill and Museum for a peek into Cape Cod’s early days; all these buildings and a few more can be found in Brewster, allowing you more sightseeing time and less travel time before you have to leave. Sunset at Point of Rocks Landing offers a stupendous sight you will never forget, and your farewell dinner at Chillingsworth—located at 2449 Main Street and considered the best restaurant on the Cape—will end your Cape Cod escape on a high note.

The Highlight of Your 3 Days

It goes without saying that a stay with us will be the highlight of your getaway, but we’re going to continue saying it because it’s true! Reserve your Cape Cod rental with us today and experience a magical three days you will wish could continue forever! Click here to learn more about us.

The family vacation is something we look forward to all year long. Offering the opportunity to draw closer as we escape the toils and stresses of everyday life and face adventures together, it can be the best time of our lives. It would be unrealistic of us to assume that every member of your family has the same tastes and interests, and in the interests of a harmonic getaway, we at New England Vacation Rentals have created this family guide to ensure this Cape Cod vacation is exactly how you dreamed it could be!

A Taste of the Town

Our favorite part of any vacation is getting to taste the flavors of the region, but when traveling with children, this can be a tricky proposition. You’ll probably want to avoid anything too fancy, too unusual, or too quiet. As a matter of fact, you should probably stay away from anything that is too much of anything! Some of our favorite family-friendly places include Wee Packet in Dennis Port, which is open all day, Ember Coal Fire Pizza in Harwich Port, because everyone loves pizza, and the Kream n’ Kone Restaurant in Chatham, famous for its tasty fried seafood and sweet dairy treats.

The Great Outdoors

The natural landscape of Cape Cod is a wondrous one that invites you to stay outside as much as possible. From tours of the cranberry bogs in Harwich to short hikes along the many trails that traverse the Cape to explorations of the worlds of the tidal pools at Corporation Beach in Dennis, the fun that can be had outside is endless. In Brewster, Nickerson State Park offers an interesting change from the beach and ocean with forests and freshwater ponds; grab some poles and bait and spend a happy morning with the family fishing for the night’s dinner, or for the rest of the week’s dinners if you get really lucky! Cape Cod has beautiful nature, so make sure you visit these landscapes for your next Cape Cod vacation.

Indoors Can Be Fun, Too!

Museums aren’t always something that appeals to people of all ages, but there are some notable exceptions on Cape Cod. The Chatham Railroad Museum (153 Depot Road, Chatham)is an exciting place to explore, featuring exhibits from railway history that are both beautiful and fascinating, including authentic locomotives that were once used at the World’s Fair in 1939. Amp up the excitement prior to your visit by visiting the museum’s website for a chance to hear a steam whistle. The Chatham Shark Center, found at 235 Orleans Road, North Chatham, while not exactly a museum, offers the opportunity to learn more about the fascinating cold-blooded creatures that have been the topic of scary movies and nightmares for generations!

Family Friendly Cape Cod Vacation Escapes

Coming together at the end of a long day of Cape Cod explorations and adventures is a warm and wonderful experience when done in the comfort of our classic vacation homes; reserve your Cape Cod vacation today! Click here to learn more about us.

The countdown has begun! Another page on the calendar has been torn off, bringing us closer to the lazy days of summer, with Memorial Day generally counting as the starting pistol for our favorite time of year. And although this special day offers the taste of sweet ice cream, the feel of sunburned noses, and the smell of fireworks, it’s the deeper side of the holiday that brings meaning into our lives, and for everyone who has lost someone close during their service for our country, spending Memorial Day close to the spot where our country began is the best way to honor those brave souls. This guide to Memorial Day in Cape Cod events will ensure you get to acknowledge both sides of the coin in ways that are fun and meaningful!

Town of Chatham Memorial Day in Cape Cod Ceremony

Moving is the only way we can describe this hour-long ceremony featuring Scouts, VFW members, American Legion members, the Chatham Coast Guard Color Guard, and the Coast Guard Auxiliary. Starting at 10 AM on May 27 and ending at 11:15 AM, it’s the perfect way to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation.

Brewster Memorial Day Parade

We love a parade and the Brewster Memorial Day Parade every year holds a special place in our hearts! Sponsored by the Veterans of Foreign War #9917 and beginning at noon, everyone from the very young to the very old will feel patriotic as they watch the red, white, and blue decorations on marching bands and floats stream on by. This is one of the favorite tourist attractions for Memorial Day in Cape Cod.

Town of Eastham Memorial Day Ceremony

Offering special readings to commemorate the day, Eastham’s Memorial Day in Cape Cod Ceremony is another local favorite. Those participating in this acknowledgment of Eastham’s veterans and their families include the fire department, police department, and the Coast Guard. Emotional and heartfelt, everyone is invited to attend!

Dennis Memorial Day Parade

Nothing represents our nation better than a good old-fashioned parade, and this one in Dennis has all that we love about the simple march. From decorated floats to marching bands to fire trucks and police cars gliding by with lights flashing, the visual wonders will make you smile as the speeches given will bring a tear to your eye!

Just a Sampling

Of course, the events listed here are just a sampling of the wonderful ways Cape Cod celebrates this meaningful holiday, and New England Vacation Rentals are first in line to celebrate, no matter which village we are in! And when it’s time to reserve your vacation digs, we hope you’ll think of us and our homes that are built in the classic New England style and are the perfect place to celebrate any holiday. Reserve yours today!

When was the last time you told your mother how much she means to you? Not just an I love you and a kiss on the cheek, but how you appreciate all the sacrifices she made for you, all the tears she cried for you, and all the times she was there for you, supporting you wholeheartedly? Well, because sometimes it takes more than words to express your feelings, we suggest you show your appreciation with a once-in-a-lifetime getaway to one of our favorite places in the world, Cape Cod! Following this guide to Mother’s Day on Cape Cod will ensure that your mom comes away feeling spoiled, loved, and best of all, treasured. That’s so much better than the card and flowers you got her last year, don’t you think?

Mother’s Day Brunch

Mom’s probably going to want to sleep in on her special day, but that’s ok; the brunches on the Cape last through early afternoon and the one offered by Viera at 11 MA-28 in West Harwich is one of our faves! Featuring three courses of fabulous food, or if you really want to spoil her, a six-course chef’s tasting menu that will make your taste buds sit up and take notice, this special treat is guaranteed to be one of the many highlights of her getaway!

Time for a Spa Day This Mother’s Day on Cape Cod

For a hands-on experience, she will never forget, taking some spa time at the Oasis Salon & Day Spa at 1671 Main Street in West Chatham is the winningest idea you will have this entire trip. Offering the standard salon services for your hair and nails, and extra special spa services that include waxing, facials, and massages, your mom will leave her day at the spa feeling refreshed, renewed, and ready for a nap! The hot stone massage is our favorite, but all of their services are wonderful! This is one of the best and most pampering gifts you can give your mom for Mother’s Day on Cape Cod.

Take Her for a Walk

The simplest gestures can sometimes have the grandest appeal, and a walk with mom around the Cape can elicit a monumental response! Hit the shops in Harwich, walk around the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History in Brewster, or walk along the beaches, taking time to stop and pose for pictures in front of the Chatham Light; the best thing you can do for your mom during your Cape Cod getaway is give her the gift of your undivided attention. Nothing will bring a smile to her face faster!

The Second Best Gift?

The gift of time, is, of course, priceless, but the second-best gift will be staying in one of our New England Vacation Rentals Mother’s Day on Cape Cod escapes! Reserve your property today and give your mother the trip of a lifetime!

As Spring Break season rolls around, the thought of fighting crowds of partying students for blanket space on the southern beaches of our nation can leave us feeling less than thrilled about our getaway. You’ve grown, matured, and to be perfectly honest, can no longer “hang” like you used to. We get it, because we’re where you are in our stage of life as well. But just because you’re not the party animal you once were, it doesn’t mean you should just give up and stay home; we think it means you should come to Cape Cod and participate in these fun Cape Cod Spring Break things to do!

Beach Time

It still can be pretty chilly in March and April on Cape Cod, so swimming is definitely off the menu, but there’s still fun to be had without entering the surf! Take pictures in front of the Chatham Lighthouse, grab a blanket and a good book and spend a few sunny afternoon hours escaping into the story, or bundle up and take a walk with your sweetie under the glow of starlight and moonbeams. These tranquil beach moments will be a reminder of how smart you were to choose Cape Cod—especially when you don’t have to fight for your piece of the sand!

Music Appreciation

A key element in an enjoyable spring break is the music. Whether itis headbanging rock, smooth sounding jazz, or in this case, the happy lilt of an Irish tune, your Cape Cod Spring Break will be a lot more memorable when spent listening to the music you love. O’Shea’s Olde Inne, a traditional Irish Pub located at 348 Main Street in West Dennis, holds Irish Music sessions every Sunday from 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM. Open to all musicians,you can participate or simply enjoy your Guinness as you tap your toes to the old Irish favorites that make your heart beat faster.

Fill Your Stomach and Feed Your Soul

A good meal does more than just fill your belly, it feeds your soul,and when you dine at the restaurants we list in this guide, you’ll understand exactly what we are talking about! Whether you choose a former church in Chatham that now serves the best Italian style seafood you’ve ever tasted (The Impudent Oyster, 15 Chatham Bars Avenue),the fine French cuisine you’ll find (Chillingsworth Restaurant, 2449 Main Street in Brewster), or any of the other wonderful restaurants on the Cape, you’ll come away feeling peaceful, happy, and full!

The Most Important Part of Your Cape Cod Spring Break Experience?

Gone are the days of rooming with a dozen other college students in cheap hotels with questionable hygiene issues. You’ve grown to expect the kind of service, style, and yes, cleanliness you will only find in a New England Vacation Rentals vacation hideaway! Reserve yours today and celebrate this Cape Cod Spring Break with style!

Traveling to Cape Cod at any time is always a good time, but when the holidays are here, your Cape Cod expedition becomes a magical one, and from New Year’s to Christmas, nearly every month offers a new holiday and a new reason to visit. Even when you do the same things you can do every visit—for example, exploring the cranberry bogs in Harwich—visiting the Easter Bunny afterward amps up the fun values even higher, and this guide to our upcoming special holiday activities will ensure you don’t miss out on a single adventure during your Cape Cod holiday!

Easter in Brewster

Not many people think of traveling during the Easter holiday, but in our minds, it’s the perfect time to visit Cape Cod! The weather is starting to get warmer but the crowds haven’t arrived yet, allowing you to enjoy your stay in Brewster living as a local! And because your children would not be happy if the Easter Bunny didn’t bring eggs for them to hunt, the Anglican Church of the Resurrection sponsors an annual Easter egg hunt; all you need to bring is a basket to put them in! After the eggs have been collected, a walk along the Cape Cod Rail Trail allows you to enjoy the beauty of a spring day on Cape Cod.

Memorial Day Weekend in Dennis

Memorial Day is more than just a three-day weekend; it’s a day set aside to remember those who have sacrificed so much for our freedom. When you stay in one of our Dennis vacation homes, you can start off the day with a parade and a ceremony. Starting at 8:45 AM at Signal Hill Road and ending at 9:30 AM, that leaves plenty of room in your day for a trip to the Cape Cod Museum of Art at 60 Hope Lane!

July 4th in Chatham

What better place is there to celebrate our nation’s independence than right here on the Cape? We’re less than an hour away from where it all began on Plymouth Rock! Held on a Thursday this year, we think an extra long weekend may be just what’s needed to make sure you get it all in. Start the day with a parade commemorating our country’s service men and women and end with fireworks over the water. In between, you can stake your claim on Lighthouse Beach and spend the day frolicking in the surf! This is definitely the best Cape Cod holiday.

Celebrate a Cape Cod Holiday in Style

No matter what the holiday or what your reason is for visiting Cape Cod, celebrating in style in one of our New England Vacation Rentals holiday escapes will add an extra shine to your sparkling getaway! Comfortable, stylish, and designed for the way families live, your Cape Cod holiday in our home will be a memorable one. Reserve yours today!

As you begin your explorations of Cape Cod, experiencing history, beach time, and as many lobster rolls as you can find, there will be a moment—a moment that happens to everyone—where you will suddenly decide you can’t go on another minute without pizza! Don’t be bothered by this absolutely understandable craving; pizza is that one meal that is universal to all! Everyone loves a good pizza (is there really such a thing as bad pizza?), and our guide to the top five pizza places in Cape Cod we love will ensure that you get the best during your stay on Cape Cod.

Pizza Places in Cape Cod – Harwich Port House of Pizza, 330 MA-28 Harwich Port

One of the best things about pizza is the feelings that surround the eating of said dish. No matter where you are staying in the world at the time, that first bite brings you home, and the pizzas served at Harwich Port House of Pizza do just that! Adding in a warm and casual ambiance that cements that sense of home, don’t be surprised if you run into one of our New England Vacation Rentals staff on a Friday night. This is one of the best pizza places in Cape Cod!

Brother’s Pizza, 608 Main Street, Dennis Port

Spacious and bright even on the darkest of days, Brother’s Pizza in Dennis Port is a local secret that we only share with our most treasured guests; if everyone discovered how good their pizzas taste, we’d never get a seat! Also, for those traveling on a budget or who just appreciate a good bargain, there’s a nearly four percent discount for paying cash.

Stone L’Oven Pizza, 280 Underpass Rd, Brewster

Tucked away in a charming New England-style cottage, it’s the aromas that first tantalize your senses and the pizza that will keep you entranced! Serving a full menu of Italian and Greek-inspired dishes in addition to the stone oven pizzas that taste like heaven, the full bar will ensure that you will be toasty and happy on a cold Cape Cod day! If you enjoy mediteranian style pizzas, this will be one of your favorite pizza places in Cape Cod.

Castaways, 986 MA-28, South Harwich

While actually considered a family restaurant serving pretty much every style of food and food type, it’s the pizza that makes us happy since this charming and cozy establishment opened its doors, and it’s the pizza that keeps us coming back time after time! Loaded with your favorite toppings and served hot enough to burn your tongue (remember to blow on it first!), Castaways is where the locals go!

Alecsie’s House of Pizza, 181 MA-137 #3, Harwich

Sightseeing can be tiring, and a night in may sound like the perfect way to relax and recuperate for the next day’s adventures. Because Alecsie’s delivers, you won’t have to worry about whipping something up yourself to feed your hungry hoard! Offering a large selection of Greek-style pizzas, calzones, salads, and appetizers, the servings are hearty and filling.

Enjoying the Comforts of Your New England Vacation Rentals Cape Cod Escape

Whether you are eating cold leftovers in the kitchen at midnight or you just received your piping hot pizza delivery, enjoying the meal in the comfort of our Cape Cod properties adds that something special to your entire getaway—reserve yours now or contact us today.

When the skies are gray and cloudy, the snow has been falling for days and the temperatures are dropping, nothing brightens your mood more than your favorite comfort food. And while you may not really need cheering up during your Cape Cod vacation to Dennis Port, dining on your favorite winter dishes is still a good way to fill your stomach while warming your soul. We’ve compiled this list of Dennis Port restaurants and the surrounding areas that excel in making meals that make your heart sing.

The Sailing Cow Café, 170 Old Wharf Road

Mornings can be tough in the winter. You may find yourself poking your nose out from under your cozy cave of a bed, feeling the cold air hit and then deciding that maybe you don’t really want to get out of bed after all! Having a hearty breakfast from The Sailing Cow Café, however, gives you something to look forward to, making the transition from warm to cold a little bit easier. Featuring a mixture of sweet dishes that include a delicious Deep-Fried Corn Bread French Toast and savory benedicts prepared in a variety of ways, your winter mornings at this Dennis Port restaurants may turn out to be your favorite time of the day.

Wooden Shoe, 419 Lower County Road

Everyone falls in love with the comfort foods offered at the Wooden Shoe. Featuring the flavors of the Cape that make your palates smile, this roadside spot is famous for their rich and creamy clam chowders, lobster rolls and friendly service that will have you wanting to visit again and again. This is one of the best Dennis Port restaurants.

The Original Seafood Restaurant, 527 Main Street

Fresh and local seafood is always expertly prepared at The Original Seafood Restaurant. When your winter journey brings you to the Cape, a visit to this historic restaurant is guaranteed to bring you the comfort you need.

Enjoying these Dennis Port Restaurants is the Right Choice

Our New England Vacation Rentals homes are designed to be the highlight of a vacation that is already pretty special! Reserve yours today and discover how making the right choice in vacation accommodations will bring a smile to your face.