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When needing a vacation, consider Cape Cod. A beautiful peninsula with quaint towns, picture-perfect beaches, and fascinating history, there is something for everyone here. As a popular tourist destination for centuries, Cape Cod has retained much of its history and authenticity through its conservation and preservation efforts. Many flock to Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard each year, but in Sandwich – Cape Cod’s oldest town – you’ll discover hidden gems and trails less traveled, and after a day of exploring, one of our Sandwich cottage rentals will be waiting for you.

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Vacation Dreams Come True

We all have our own thoughts and ideas as to what makes up the perfect vacation home. Some prefer modern condos with sleek designs and locations in the center of the town or city, others want a family home in the suburbs where even on vacations neighbors are kind and well, neighborly, and still others? They are the ones that dream about that classic New England cottage placed as near to the sea as is safe. They love the weathered clapboard siding, they are thrilled with outdoor showers that allow them to wash the sand off their feet before heading indoors, and they crave a cozy interior filled with comfortable furniture and a welcoming environment. In other words, the latter is drawn to the cottages we at New England Vacation Rentals offer in our historic coastal village, feeling at home within seconds of stepping inside each structure. Comfort reigns supreme in these cozy escapes, and travelers with children appreciate a space in which they don’t have to worry about their little ones wreaking havoc. Our cottages invite guests to prop their feet up on coffee tables, take naps on plush sofas with a throw blanket pulled over top of them and perhaps a fire crackling merrily in the fireplace. They urge you to slow down, binge watch your favorite shows on a rainy night, and utilize the fully equipped kitchens simply because you don’t want to put shoes on and go out again. Waking up early each morning to walk to beaches that are never far away, sitting on the golden sands watching the skies come to life and then walking home again to slip between soft linens for a little more rest. These experiences could happen in nearly every Cape Cod vacation escape, but the dreams of a traveler, YOUR dreams, will be realized when they take place in our Sandwich cozy cottages!

Simple Joys in Our Sandwich Cottage Rentals

We are all seeking joy in our lives, and your Cape Cod getaway in our cottages in Sandwich is most likely where you will find yours. Walk barefoot on smooth wood floors polished to a golden glow before stepping into a hot shower that loosens up sore muscles. Some cottages may offer deep soaking tubs that are much appreciated at the end of a day filled with Sandwich adventures, allowing for a night filled with deep sleep and happy dreams after a soak in fragrant waters accompanied by soft music and a chilled glass of wine. Reading on the back deck on a sunny summer’s day is a simple pleasure that can never be overappreciated, especially in a beachfront cottage where the ebb and flow of waves crashing against the beach provide a soothing lullaby for your soul. Gathering around a firepit under the velvety night sky, telling ghost stories in between dad jokes and groans will firmly earn a top spot on your personal highlight reel of your top 10 greatest memories. Pet friendly cottages allow the entire family to relax together, serving as a much-deserved reward for our most faithful of companions, and a family barbecue consisting of the catch of the day you caught earlier on a serene and successful fishing expedition will be filled with more laughter, great food, and more memories to cherish!

The Adventures You Will Have

The town of Sandwich offers a long and fascinating history as the oldest town on the Cape. Settled in 1637, over a hundred years before our country became an independent nation, this idyllic and stunningly beautiful village has witnessed many of our nation’s most important events and when you explore its streets, walk along its boardwalk, and frolic on sandy beaches, you are walking in the footsteps of American heroes. Home to the Sandwich Glass Museum, guests can enjoy demonstrations of the art that helped keep Sandwich in the forefront of the public eye. The Heritage Museum and Gardens offers a historic and important collection of flowers and plants and a summer walk through the gardens is guaranteed to take away any stresses you may be feeling. The museum itself includes a collection of antique American cars, a display of American Folk Art, and a working carousel built over 100 years ago, ensuring that your all-American vacation to Cape Cod will provide adventures that will make you feel patriotic and excited about being an American!

Explore Sandwich Today!

Our hometown is destined to bring you exciting adventures and when you choose our New England Vacation Rentals cozy cottages in Sandwich, well, the adventures you experience will be of the most comfortable and relaxing sort! Reserve your favorite escape on the Cape, contact us today.