In a world filled with angry bosses, boring school events, and traffic jams that make you want to move to an uninhabited island in the South Pacific, it’s important to take every chance you get at spoiling yourself, and although you have accomplished the first steps; vacationing on Cape Cod in a New England Vacation Rentals property, you may still be feeling some stress and frustration. For the times when a simple getaway is not enough to work out the troubles and problems you are carrying around on your shoulders, adding a cape cod spa trip to the top of your vacation bucket list may just be the perfect solution! Here’s a list of the best spas on Cape Cod to help make your choice even easier!

Sol Spa, 212C Orleans Road, Chatham

You’ve probably visited a lot of spas over the years, but have you ever visited one that caters to children as well as adults? If not, you need to stop in to Sol Spa in Chatham with your kids for the ultimate Cape Cod spa day and change your life forever! Offering 20-minute body work packages, face treatments, or body polish for only $39 in addition to the standard adult treatments, there’s no better way to spend some quality mother/daughter time while on the Cape than in a Cape Cod spa.

The Beach House Spa at Ocean Edge, 2740 Main Street, Brewster

You know that feeling you get after a long walk on the beach at sunset? Refreshed, glowing, and peaceful, there’s no substitute for the ocean air when it comes to feeling restored and refreshed. Or is there? The Beach House Spa at Ocean Edge has “bottled” that feeling with a series of spa treatments that may just out-beach the beach! Try this amazing Cape Cod spa for an experience you’ll not want to forget!

Bellezza Salon Med Spa, 221 Main Street, Falmouth

Bellezza Salon Med Spa is famous not just for their normal day spa Cape Cod services, but for their med spa treatments that have you feeling and looking better than you have in years. Chemical peels, laser face rejuvenation, laser hair removal, and cosmetic injections will change the way people look at you, while massages, body wraps, and hair and facials will change the way you feel about you!

The Total Package

Because you deserve the total treatment, New England Vacation Rentals offers the cherry for the top of your spa sundae: a soft bed, a soaking tub, and views of the ocean that will calm the soul as they bring a smile to your heart. Reserve your Luxury Vacation Rental Homes on Cape Cod today!

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