Cape Cod is an amazing place to take a vacation for an incredible variety of reasons. This time of year, one of those reasons is the events and festivities sweeping through the Cape for Halloween weekend! You will find everything you are looking, for whether it is lighthearted fun or a bone-chilling experience. You can enjoy all of this in the chilly weather of Cape Cod in October. Here are some of the most exciting things to take advantage of this Halloween weekend!

Haunted Attractions

Among the most visited of the Cape’s haunted attractions is the haunted house created by the Barnstable High School Drama Club that will delight visitors for the 34th year in 2016. You can also visit the “Dead Silence” Haunted Attraction in Provincetown. This attraction offers an experience in which visitors are brought along for the ride on one of the city’s spookiest stories. Enjoy the story and try to find your way out of the multi-room adventure. There are also opportunities for stories and exploration of places like the “haunted” Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, Cape Cod Cemeteries, and more.

Enjoy the Pumpkins!

If your favorite part of Halloween is the pumpkins, then you will be in luck on Cape Cod this Halloween season. The celebrations of pumpkins are one of the most common of festivities this time of year. You can find a beautifully charming pumpkin patch in every one of the little towns that speckle the cape. While these are all very charming, you can detect a bit of each town’s unique character in each of them. And on October 29th, you can enjoy the ultimate pumpkin celebration in the little town of Sandwich for the 5th annual Pumpkin Fest! You can not only enjoy pumpkins, but beautiful glass-blown pumpkins!


There are countless festivals throughout the Cape celebrating Halloween. The Halloween Family Fun Festival in Sandwich is the perfect way to get started on either Friday or Saturday. Enjoy a spooky dance party with DJ Ooch, temporary tattoos, the Hart Family Maze Garden, endless twinkling lights, and much more. On Friday and Saturday, you can also enjoy the Haunted Horrors event in which you can take hikes and hay rides through the haunted forest in East Falmouth. There are endless additional options for a fun Halloween Festival as well!

Because there are so many little towns along the Cape, there are virtually endless activities that will make for an unforgettable Halloween. If you want to do Halloween right this year, then make it a visit to Cape Cod!