This year’s Wellfleet Oyster Fest is coming quickly! Here are a few words about the event, and why you should be looking forward to it!

The Festival

Like many towns in Massachusetts, Wellfleet depends heavily on its proud (and famous!) oysters, clams, and other shellfish, as well as on the industries and traditions surrounding them. This festival celebrates these cornerstones of Wellfleet’s well-being with tastings, music, sporting events, shucking contests, and more!

The festival is supported by many local contributors, including volunteers and local businesses. It is organized by Wellfleet SPAT—Shellfish Promotion and Tasting, a non-profit begun in 2002 that is dedicated to sustaining the town’s shellfishing and aquaculture industries. The festival furthers their mission by improving awareness of shellfishing practices through different activities that are part of the festival.

The Fun

Food, music, art, beverages, competitions—where do we begin? Let’s start with the food, since oysters are the staple of the festival! Fishermen know that people are out in droves for their catches, so unless you plan on eating them straight from the seafloor, the shellfish you get here are going to be the freshest imaginable. Some restaurants also come out and set up their own tables serving up chowder, stuffed shellfish, and all other sorts of goodies. Plus, you can even see cooking demonstrations to watch masters at work and get some tips! And speaking of all things edible, locally-brewed beers, ales, and wines are all for sale as well!

Like much of Cape Cod, Wellfleet is proud of its local arts scene. This includes our musicians, so there will be live performances throughout the festival—whether you prefer country rock or string duets, you’re sure to find something you like. You’ll be sure to find plenty to delight your eyes as well as your ears, as many artisans come out to show off their crafts, whether photos, jewelry, paintings, or ceramics. It’s a great place to seek a souvenir!

Finally, what’s a festival without some competition? While the “shuck-off” is the most publicized, there’s other places to test your mettle in a variety of ways, from tennis to running to spelling!

For a full list of activities, check out the Oyster Fest schedule here:

The Details:

This two-day festival will be held on Saturday, October 15th and continue the next day, Sunday October 16th. The events are centered around Wellfleet’s town center, around Main Street. The cost is $10 per day, with various vendors setting their own price for their food and other wares. Sorry, but no pets or outside alcohol allowed!

If you’re a fan of seafood—and if you’re visiting Cape Cod, we hope you are—then this is a great even to plan your stay around. Come experience a brisk and beautiful New England fall, and have some fun while you’re at it!