As relaxing as vacations are, they don’t make your wallet invincible, so some tourists always feel on edge. Here’s a little advice from us to make the most of your vacation while setting aside some of your fiscal concerns. The fact that you’re on our website means you’ve taken a great first step of course—you’ve decided to try a rental home instead of a hotel, which will get you massively more bang for your buck. But there are a few other ideas you should consider as well.

Book in Advance

If you’re flying in to the area, we encourage you to book as far in advance as possible—flights become more expensive when they’re last-minute and you have fewer options to choose from. Planning ahead means you have the chance to find a route, schedule, and seating that fits your budget.

Bring a Bike

Bringing bikes on a plane might be a hassle, but it could also be considerably cheaper than getting a rental car. The settlements along Cape Cod were first settled long before the advent of the automobile, and their current layout reflects this. Take a good look around your rental property: you may see that everything you need, from the beach to the market, is just a short ride away. If you’ve got a rental property in convenient distance of everything you need, don’t shell out money for a rental car—just get a shuttle to and from the airport, and bike wherever you need to go!

Check Out Our Chamber of Commerce

Look around at brochures such as those passed around by the Chambers of Commerce—you’ll often find they have coupons for everything from shopping to fishing trips tucked away. Anywhere that hocks tourist information might also prove worth a look when seeking deals.

Enjoy Nature

The greatest part of Cape Cod is its natural abundance—and that’s free to enjoy! Hiking trails, biking trails, long walks on the beach, and relaxing afternoons by a pond: all of these don’t cost you a thing to enjoy, and are among the most pleasant ways to while away a vacation. Whether it’s during our famously amicable springs and summers, our dazzlingly spectacular autumns, or the dancing flurries of our winters, Cape Cod is fabulous au natural.

Check for Events

Check out the Chamber of Commerce’s events calendar. From intriguing museum exhibits to town-wide festivals, the community events you’ll find here are often free to attend, or surprisingly cheap with the events’ sponsor footing the bill. Keep an eye out for festivals, as they make excellent memory-making outings!

Cutting costs here and there can really add up over the course of a vacation—sometimes even letting you squeeze in an extra night! So double-check our availabilities, because with these tips you might have a chance at more than you bargained for!