True baseball fanatics will probably already know about the Cape Cod Baseball League, a league of amateur players from 10 towns that spend their summers showing the rest of the world the best way to play America’s favorite sport! For the rest of you, just know this some of the best MLB players in history got their start in this summer league – most before they were even old enough to drink. For the uninformed, the Cape Cod Baseball League is to baseball as Second City was to Saturday Night Live, and if you get a chance to witness one of the games while you’re on Cape Cod, you will be able to say you saw them before they made it big, and possibly rub elbows with some famous talent scouts while you are there!

Sanctioned by the NCAA

There are 11 summer leagues approved of by the NCAA, but the other 10 just don’t have the star power our league does. Historically, of the 11 summer leagues, the largest number of players to make it to the “game” come from the Cape Cod Summer Baseball League – 1100 in total since its start! Today, this summer league brings a traditional spin to America’s pastime, with its real grass fields, wooden bats (yes, they only use wooden bats here!), and aluminum bleachers, when watching one of these games you get a taste of what it must have been like when your parents were young! The snap of the bat, the cheers of the crowd, and the taste of cold beer and hotdogs, it’s the stuff nostalgia is made of.  Don’t miss the opportunity to watch one of these Cape Cod Summer Baseball League games while you’re on the Cape.

The Players

Young, hungry, and talented the players of the Cape Cod League know they are on the verge of something big, but are still new enough to enjoy signing autographs for their fans. Past players like Mike MacDougal from the Seattle Mariners and the Cincinnati Reds, Bobby Sprowl from the Boston Red Sox and Houston Astros, and current players like Phil Bickford from the San Francisco Giants and Max Pentecost from the Toronto Blue Jays have all experienced the thrill of a summer in the Cape as a player for the Cape League. This year’s players will all have the same hopes and dreams of those from the past, and more than likely those dreams will be realized – only the best play in the Cape League!

The Fans

From loyal fans who never miss a game, to newbie vacationers who heard about it from their vacation rental property managers and hundreds and hundreds of kids with dirty hands and stars in their eyes, all sit side by side with talent scouts and past summer players. It doesn’t matter how much you make or how old you are; the Cape Cod boys of summer will continue to be one of the best attractions on Cape Cod. If you want your chance to witness a Cape Cod baseball game first hand, just pull up our website and book your vacation home away from home today so you can watch the game tomorrow! If you have little kids, the team members run a weekly camp to teach their baseball skills–so sign your kids up!

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