In a time of uncertainty, it is always nice to know that some things remain unchanged. The sun rises and sets every day, the ocean’s tide does its ebb and flow thing, and the natural attractions on Cape Cod offer a bright spot in a world that is sometimes too dark! The beauty of Cape Cod lies in its people and its natural landscape, and the serenity found in these spots can only be matched by the comfort discovered in our New England Vacation Rentals retreats!

Nickerson State Park

More than your ordinary neighborhood park, all state parks are places with a natural allure, but we think Nickerson State Park, located at 3488 Main Street in Brewster, offers something extra special. The park is home to a variety of kettle ponds, including the 204-acre Cliff Pond, created over 18,000 years ago when the Laurentide ice sheet retreated from the surface of what is now considered Cape Cod. Over time, depressions in the earth filled up from a combination of groundwater and rain (or melted snow) and a kettle pond formed. They make excellent swimming holes once they are treated for alkalinity. In addition to the ponds, Nickerson State Park offers wooded areas lined with mature trees and trails that lead the way under canopies of green in the summer and brilliant oranges, reds, and golds in the fall.

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Cranberry Bogs

If you have ever seen commercials where men in hip waders are standing in pools of ruby red cranberries, you might be surprised to learn that it’s not all a figment of television imagination; these bogs do exist and can be found on Cape Cod. Cranberry Bog Tours at 1601 Factory Road in Harwich offers the perfect example of these tangy berries we enjoy during the holidays, thriving in the acid peat soil from which they spring. Native to Massachusetts and pollinated by bees, farmers generally supply at least one beehive per bog, leading to pools of berries so beautiful they make visitors glad they made time in their trips to stop by.

Cape Cod National Seashore

The breathtaking Cape Cod National Seashore is a protected treasure that has attracted visitors to our rugged home for centuries, including esteemed writer Henry David Thoreau. Thoreau was so struck by the great outer beach he praised its merits in his writing, convincing travelers that this quiet place was something worth traveling to see. Today the seashore is known throughout the world for its pristine beaches and the majestic beauty of the ocean waves crashing against the shore. Primarily considered a summer destination, the seashore in the winter offers a desolate and wild beauty as the snow covers the sand and the nearby trees lose their leaves.

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