We recently had the opportunity to take a foodie tour of new restaurants on Cape Cod, and we can’t wait to introduce a few of them to you. New doesn’t always mean better, but it’s nice to have a choice of something different, especially when on vacation! Here’s a list of some of our favorites from our explorations, but please, feel free to do some exploring on your own; if you think we missed a new hidden gem, we want to hear all about it!

Chatham Filling Station, 75 Old Harbor Road, Chatham

No, we’re not suggesting you eat where you gas up your car. This charming restaurant in Chatham with a quirky name offers you the opportunity to “fill-up” your stomach with some good old-fashioned comfort food! Featuring a melting pot of foods, including Southern style faire such as the Self-Service Cheesy Grits Bowl for breakfast or a Premium Station Burger for lunch, there’s a little something for everyone at the Chatham Filling Station!

Vagabond Chef, 1076 Route 28, South Yarmouth

Parisian born and well-traveled, Chef Yves Bainier offers cuisine from all over the world—making us feel internationally traveled every time we visit! Open for breakfast and lunch every day and dinner on the weekends, the menu here is extensive and delicious! Vagabond Benedicts, Chicken Parmesan Paninis, and Wagyu Burgers—each dish is better than the last!

Vers, 15 Cove Road, Orleans

Vers has recently moved from Chatham to Orleans! The meals served at this restaurant on Cape Cod are created with fresh ingredients culled from local farmers and offer a healthy alternative to your standard burgers and fries vacation eats. Offering multicourse tasting menus, luscious desserts, and an elegant wine menu, Vers offers a unique dining experience.

Cleat & Anchor, 243 Lower County Road, Dennis Port

Buckets of nachos, seafood pizzas, chorizo hotdogs—will the madness ever end? Cleat & Anchor offers traditional New England dishes served with a wacky twist, and we can honestly say we love every taste! Also offering awesome Happy Hours, live entertainment, and a large selection of giant televisions all tuned to the big game, this classic restaurant on Cape Cod will bring a smile to your taste buds!

Close to Your New England Vacation Rentals Home!

No matter which village you are staying in, you’re guaranteed to be near at least one of the restaurants on Cape Cod listed above! Reserve your cozy seaside cottage today and enjoy a culinary tour of The Cape!