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Top 5 Reasons To Visit Sandwich, Cape Cod

The doors to the world have opened up once more and travelers have so many options for vacation destinations again. Everyone has their own particular list titled “Places I MUST Visit” and chances are a large population has added Cape Cod to that list, but that’s as far as it goes. When it comes to what town they want to be based out of, what vacation home they want as their sanctuary, a vague thought swirls through their head, something along the lines, oh, just somewhere fun, somewhere comfortable, somewhere near the beach, and close to all that makes Cape Cod wonderful! That ambiguous thought, however, makes it easy for New England Vacation Rentals to help confused travelers settle on a destination that will speak to their hearts, as that nebulous and uncertain reflection describes the village of Sandwich, and our properties located within its boundaries, to a tee, but if you need more convincing, we have created a list of our own. This list of the top 5 reasons to visit Sandwich, MA during your stay on Cape Cod will give you 5 more tidbits of encouragement to choose Sandwich and enjoy a vacation you will never forget!

Our History Makes Sandwich Stand Out

America is a youngster compared to other countries but even as we are celebrating nearly 250 years of independence in 2023 (247 to be exact!) Sandwich is known as the oldest town on Cape Cod, incorporated in 1639. We are proud of our history, of those first settlers who struggled to make a life in a place that although idyllic in the summer months can be harsh and unforgiving without electricity or running water in the winter season. Everywhere you look as you explore our town, you will witness some element of that history, in the buildings, the attractions, and even the beaches of Sandwich, making it one of the most popular towns on the Cape.

The Beaches

The movies and books all depict beach days, and nights, as carefree, family-friendly, and exotic, and on the beaches of Sandwich, you will see that the books and movies got it right! Start each day with a walk along the shores, watching the colors light up the sky as the day grows later, build sandcastles at the shore’s edge with your tiniest travelers, and at night? Bonfires are allowed, with proper permits, and as you and your favorite traveling companions gather around the flames, feeling the glow of its warmth on your face as the sea breezes tousle your hair and cool your back, you will know that THIS is the only way you want to spend the rest of your life!

The Food

We’ve talked a little bit about the restaurants of Sandwich, leading guests to the ones that make us happiest, but until you are sitting on a patio outside Fisherman’s View, devouring a plate of their Lobster Fra Diavolo as the sun sits over the harbor, you may not understand how much the right food can add to a vacation experience. The seas surround us on Cape Cod and as such, the boats you see lining up at the docks each morning are filled with the freshest of sea dwellers, destined for your plate later that evening! We’re not much on pomp and circumstance on Cape Cod, but we do believe that if the food is good enough, you won’t miss white tablecloths and hovering waiters!

The Best Places to See on Cape Cod for Incredible Sunsets

A sunset is generally always a beautiful sight to behold, but in certain parts of the world, it outshines all others and Sandwich is one of those parts! Dinner is often delayed as everyone stops, fork in hand, mouths wide open, to witness the fire in the sky and when it has completed all its colorful phases, the applause has been known to break out spontaneously! Very few cameras can capture its stunning beauty well, but even the poorest attempts will be frame-worthy; assuming you remember to click the shutter in time! Secrets are shared at sunsets, important questions are asked, and futures begin with the words I do, spoken by brides and grooms on sandy beaches. Simply put, the sunsets of Cape Cod have been known to change lives and once witnessed will never be forgotten.

Our Sandwich Sanctuaries

Maybe we are bragging or maybe (more likely!) we are stating a simple truth. The homes we offer in Sandwich are destined to be your favorite part of places to see on Cape Cod. Comfortable and welcoming, each space invites guests to come on in, stay awhile, and feel at home as you do! Outdoor showers in homes on the beach, gardens of Hydrangeas adding color to the typical driftwood gray of the exteriors, and interiors that are cozy and warm; these are just a few of the things you can expect when you choose one of our New England Vacation Rentals Sandwich sanctuaries to make your home sweet vacation home. Reserve your favorite today!