You’ve probably spent more than a few evenings at your local watering hole back home, tossing back a few cold ones and chowing down on bar food that may or may not be healthy for you as you joke and laugh with your family and the friends you’ve made. You may be missing those fun times as you enter the third or fourth day of your Cape Cod vacation. The good news is that you don’t have to give up on fun bar adventures while staying in Chatham; the Chatham Squire Restaurant, locally known as just “The Squire” offers all the comforts of home and isn’t far from your NEVR vacation home. The bad news is you can’t take this lovable restaurant in Cape Cod MA home with you, and chances are you WILL miss the fun times you have had here when you’re off the Cape!

Chatham Squire Restaurant: 487 Main Street in Chatham

The clapboard exterior of this restaurant in Cape Cod MA is both simple and welcoming and hints of the good times to come, while the interior is warm and inviting. Wood paneled walls decorated with the occasional mural and license plates from all over the US let you know that you’ve found your new home away from home! Casual and eclectic, the noise of diners chatting and laughing as they drink and dine makes you eager to become an integral part of the Chatham Squire Restaurant community—especially when the bands begin to play! Open every day from 11:30 AM to 1AM (they open at noon on Sundays), this happening joint is the hub of all the fun that can be had in Chatham!

Lunch & Dinner Specials Help the Vacation Budget

Eating out at restaurants in Cape Cod, MA every meal can put a strain on your budget, so the lunch and dinner specials offered can help save some money for souvenirs and shopping! The specials change regularly, but a popular one is the Fish & Chips special that comes with slaw & fries for only $12; you know the fish is fresh, and we can vouch for the fries! Appetizers like the Nacho Poke, made with sushi-grade tuna, wasabi cream, wakame salad, Asian vinaigrette, and sesame seeds, prepare you for the heavy hitters; the Lobster Special which comes with corn-on-the-cob and steamers and an unheard-of price of $32! The regular menu is filled with sandwiches, entrees, and your favorite bar food. Try the raw bar—you won’t regret it!

Good Times, Great Memories, and Your NEVR Vacation Escape

Your Cape Cod vacation has been better than you could have dreamed because you made the smart choice and rented one of our classic cottages; if you haven’t done so yet, it’s not too late to start! Reserve yours today!