If you have never lived by the water, chances are you have never experienced the joys of kayaking. There’s something primal about gliding through water, just you and your craft, listening to the sounds of nature as you merge with them. The mournful call of the loons, the buzz of a dragonfly as it zips by your head, pausing for just a look at the strange creature sharing its airspace, and the occasional splash as a fish leaps out of the waters and quickly falls back in—this may be your first time kayaking, but we doubt it will be your last. Here’s a list of Cape Cod Kayak rental places throughout the Cape to help you start with your new obsession.

The Chatham Kayak Company, 391 Barnhill Road Chatham

Located on Oyster River, the Chatham Kayak Company is known for offering quality kayaks for Kayaking on Cape Cod MA at reasonable prices. While their focus is on people-powered watercrafts—canoes, SUP, and of course, kayaks—they do have a selection of small power boats available for rental as well.

Bass River Kayaks, Cruises, & Paddleboards, 118 Main Street West Dennis

Offering tandem kayaks so you and your spouse, child, or best friend can ride together, Bass River also sells new kayaks, as well as previously used ones at the end of the season; we’re not suggesting anything, but should the idea appeal to you, we’re sure they could work out shipping details!

Cape Cod Waterways Boat Rental, 16 Main Street Dennis Port

The best way to keep your kids coming around long after they have grown and moved away is to get them invested in a shared hobby, and kayaking on Cape Cod MA is a perfectly inexpensive hobby to share! Cape Cod Waterways offers Mini Trippers, kid-sized kayaks that are easier for younger family members to handle that are a great way to get them started on THEIR new obsession!

Goose Hummock Shop, 15 MA-6A Orleans

It’s difficult to start a new hobby if you haven’t the slightest clue as to what you are doing, so investing in lessons at the Goose Hummock Shop is a great idea for those interested in a Cape Cod Kayak venture. This outdoor store is a mecca of everything you need for playing in the great outdoors, including kayak rentals and lessons. Their Intro to Kayaking lesson costs $75 per person and lasts for 3 hours; you’re on vacation and have all the time in the world, so why not take a chance?

After Kayaking on Cape Cod MA, Get Your Land Legs Back

After a day spent on the water, Kayaking on Cape Cod MA, don’t be surprised if you feel a little shaky when walking on solid ground again; we have the perfect places for you to go to get your land legs back! Reserve your New England Vacation Rentals home away from home and enjoy the feel of terra firma beneath your feet as you watch the sunset and contemplate your day’s adventures.

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