Cape Cod is known for its breathtaking natural beauty and there’s nothing we love more than taking that all in. As much as we love sauntering along the sandy beaches and hearing ocean waves Harwich TFcrashing gently at the shore, there are numerous nature trails throughout Cape Cod’s forests that are one of our absolute favorite things to explore!

A great place to start your forest exploration is at Bell’s Neck in Harwich. Sprawling trails in many directions lead throughout this conservation land. Here you’ll stumble upon a Herring run, pristine ponds, and the beauty that only Cape Cod could possess. Hint – take your canoe or kayak and launch from here for a totally different experience! We think this place is fabulous for the whole family or even just a solo stroll to get away from it all, either way it’s guaranteed to be the makings of a memory you won’t soon forget.

Another option is Goose Pond Forest in Chatham. This area of land offers trails extending through the forest from Old Queen Anne Road to Middle Road. There is parking available at the fishermen’s landing off of Old Queen Anne Road. Walk the trails to Goose Pond where you can take a dip in the calm kettle pond waters. Keep your eyes peeled for heron, ducks, geese, and various
woodland creatures. This spot is truly one of Chatham’s hidden gems!

Here on Cape Cod, we pride ourselves on keeping things the way they were and the way they should be, simple, untouched nature is definitely not excluded from this way of life. With nearly 100 different walking trails the options are endless.

Find serenity amongst the trees and ponds, get away from it all, and make an irreplaceable memory! Here are NEVR we have our favorite walking areas we’d love to share with you!