Cape Cod is one of the best places for a vacation in the entire country. An amazing culture, endless beautiful beaches, music, art, and everything in between make it a fun place to visit for everyone. But of course, no vacation destination would be complete without unique eateries serving up delicious treats. If you find yourself on Cape Cod and craving sweets, check out the spots below!

Sundae School

This is a beautiful little ice cream parlor in the town of Dennis Port. The parlor is authentic and quaint. The only thing you will like more than the ambiance is the ice cream. As the name suggests, the showstopper at this old-fashioned ice cream parlor is the classic hot fudge sundae. Everything here is homemade, so the ice cream is fresh and creamy, the fudge is thick and hot, and the whipped cream is light with just the right amount of sweetness. They’ve also got locations in Harwich Port and Orleans so you can enjoy their homemade ice cream no matter where you stay!

Provincetown Fudge Factory

The fudge from this factory has been the toast of many fudge competitions. It is meticulously crafted through 4 to 8 hours of preparation in the beautiful town of Provincetown. Apart from the expert fudge makers here, it is the incredible ingredients that make the finished product so special. Only the freshest ingredients and 100% pure chocolate is used here.

Marion’s Pie Shop

While this little shop started off just selling their chicken pot pies, it has grown into one of the most beloved spots to find a delicious fruit pie. Located in the town of Chatham, this pie shop offers expertise in every aspect of a pie—from the flaky crust to the warm and gooey center. A love for making the pies and a dedication to using the best ingredients makes these some of the best pies you will ever have.

Four Seas Ice Cream

This wonderful little parlor has been a local favorite since it opened in 1934. What is great about this parlor in Centerville is it features local and seasonal ingredients in delicious ice creams. Enjoy black raspberries in the summer and coffee flavors in the winter. Four Seas Ice Cream has been stockpiling ice cream awards for decades, and has been considered one of the top ten ice cream parlors in the country on more than one occasion.

If you talk to any Cape Cod local, odds are they will have a unique story about the best place to satisfy a sweet tooth. But the beauty of the area is that there is something for everyone. Take a trip to Cape Cod and find the perfect sweet shop for you and your family!