After the holidays, there is always that one moment when we pull on our favorite outfit and come to the realization that said outfit has apparently shrunk in the wash! Buttons won’t button, extra lumps appear where once was smooth, and was this beautiful pair of pants always this short? Of course, then we think back to months of turkey and stuffing, Christmas cookies and winter cocktails, and it all becomes clear: Our overindulgence has created a new and fluffier version of ourselves, and maybe it’s time to get back into the race! Fortunately, the Hyannis Marathon, Half Marathon, and Team Relay is coming to Cape Cod on February 20th to help those of us who have put on a few pounds.

One of the Most Beautiful Marathons

Runners from all over the world flock to Cape Cod to take part in the Hyannis Marathon. The cooler weather (temperatures average between 22 and 38 degrees) may make this run a bit more difficult, but the views that accompany the course make it worth any extra effort. The John F. Kennedy Memorial brings back memories of a kinder, gentler time in our nation’s history, and although you may not do more than pause as you run by, it gives you an idea of what you can see and do in a return visit. The beaches, the towns, and the all the sights that make Cape Cod a popular vacation destination will work to take your mind off your aching feet as you pass by each, gaining strength with each new view.

26.2, 13.1,  Team Relay or 10K Race

In addition to the timing, there are more than a few reasons this particular activity may become the one you look forward to each year. Offering different lengths that appeal to runners of all skill levels, you can start with the shorter 10K and work up to the impressive full marathon over the years or you can show off your skills by returning to compete in the 26.2-mile full marathon every winter. Being able to run on paved roads eases the wear and tear on ankles and feet, while this mostly flat route doesn’t cause any extra strain on tired athletes. Signing up for the team relay makes this a great team building experience for companies, and for those who just like to run fast, the 10K will be the perfect option.

Limited Registrations for Hyannis Marathon, Half Marathon, and Team Relay

Hyannis Marathon, Half Marathon, and Team Relay is very popular, but the number of participants is limited to 400 runners for the full marathon, 2500 runners for the half, and 75 teams of two to four runners in the relay, so signing up now before it’s too late is important. Some of our hardier members of our New England Vacation Rentals staff are thinking about signing up as well; we hope to see you there and to host you in one of our beautiful rentals!