One of our favorite parts of visiting someplace new is shopping. Not at souvenir shops (although that can be fun, too!) but at the cute little shops and boutiques selling the cute little items that can only be found in the region we are staying: turquoise jewelry in Arizona, Longaberger baskets in Ohio, and when you visit Cape Cod, a little bit of this, a lot of that, and a whole lot of wonderful is what you will find—especially when you stop in any of these unique local shops on Cape Cod and the Cape Cod store!

Maps of Antiquity, 1409 Main Street in Chatham

The only thing more fascinating than seeing where we are going is tracking where we have been, and when you visit Maps of Antiquity on Main Street in Chatham, you’ll get a firsthand chance to see what life was like before Google Maps! Featuring antique maps both for land and sea, nautical charts, and even celestial and constellation maps from the past, this unique shop housed in a cheery yellow building is a must-see!

The Brewster Store, 1935 Main Street in Brewster

Sometimes it’s not the items being sold that make the place special; it’s the building the items are housed in that adds that extra bit of appeal. When you visit the Brewster Store, you get a taste of the unusual from the building that has been a local landmark for over 152 years coupled with nostalgia from the wares being sold inside. Wood floors that bear the signs of age lead the way to a scratched and scarred oak candy counter. Today they sell homemade fudge, souvenirs, and a few household accessories, but in its original incarnation, there would have been bolts of fabric, barrels of pickles, and a glass case containing a dozen or more varieties of penny candy. Some say you can still hear the whispers of those who have gone before us trying to choose between the brown poplin and the colorful calico!

Ducks in the Window, 507 Main Street in Chatham

It’s back to Chatham we go for this much-loved spot, one of the most unique in the United States in our opinion. Ducks in the Window is a store that sells nothing but ducks—row after row of little yellow rubber duckies wearing hats, wearing, scarves, and even tuxedoes! And because variety is the spice of life, there are also ducks in all colors and sizes. With every kind of duck you can imagine for every one of your family members, Ducks in the Window is the shopping experience you never knew you needed!

Every Town and Village

No matter which town or village in which you’re shopping on Cape Cod, there will be stores and shops that are unique and special, and when you reserve your New England Vacation Rentals vacation escape today, you’ll have the perfect place to store your goodies in between shopping sprees!