Somewhere along the way we must have blinked an instant too long, because suddenly it’s the end of September and the holidays are just weeks away instead of months! As you start looking towards Thanksgiving in Brewster, you may be feeling a little sad that a day meant for being thankful causes so much stress in your life. From shopping to cleaning to cooking and cleaning again, you’ve realized that this well-meaning holiday has become all about work and less about thankfulness every year. This year, however, is destined to be different. This year you and your immediate family are heading for Brewster for a relaxing and peaceful day filled with lots of things to be thankful for!

First Comes the Meal 

It can be a little unsettling imagining a Thanksgiving in Brewster without all the trimmings. The turkey, stuffing, and of course pumpkin pie are something you look forward to every year, but never fear. Your Cape Cod Thanksgiving will have everything you love about the biggest feast of the year without any of the things you hate most. Chillingsworth offers the traditional turkey dinner every year, as well as some non-traditional meals that include lobster dinners and vegetarian meals. Sleep in late, watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on television, and spend this Thanksgiving enjoying the family that surrounds you!

Then Comes the Fun 

A walk along Breakwater Beach is the perfect way to fight the traditional tryptophan overdose, but don’t overdo it; you want to save your energy for the Black Friday shopping marathon that is always a fun start to every Christmas season! For those who aren’t into shopping, you can also spend a day at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History exploring the artifacts and exhibits that fill the walls of this 17,000-square-foot establishment. Spending some time at the beach is always good, but remember it can get a little chilly, so be sure to bring some warm clothes. If you haven’t done so yet, a Christmas card photo taken in front of the Chatham Lighthouse is a local tradition for a reason; the stark beauty of a Cape Cod beach and lighthouse contrasts beautifully with the warmth of the posing family.

Choose New England Vacation Rentals

Our classic cottages, extraordinary views, and proximity to the spot where the pilgrims celebrated their first Thanksgiving makes Cape Cod and our New England Vacation Rentals properties the perfect spot for your Thanksgiving in Brewster. Reserve yours today!