As Thanksgiving rapidly approaches, we are beginning to sit back and take notice of all the wonderful things in our lives. We have families we love, a home that is warm and inviting, and we are blessed to be able to fill our tables with a smorgasbord of delicious foods prepared with love. Our Thanksgiving feasts today are a far cry from that first one celebrated in 1621 by the pilgrims and the Native Americans who helped them survive in this strange new world; life was hard back then, but our forefathers were even more grateful for the little they had. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel closer to those original pioneers by celebrating the harvest in the same area as those brave souls once did? A Cape Cod Thanksgiving promises to be everything you ever dreamed the holiday could be, and offers you the chance to get out of weeks of cleaning and prep work!

The First Thing You Will Notice is the Quiet

As you slowly phase into consciousness, the quiet hush of a Cape Cod morning will penetrate through your foggy brain. Perhaps a light snowfall has hit during the night, blanketing the outside world in a cloud of white; why not take advantage of these quiet moments with a walk through the splendor and a contemplation of all your blessings?

Watch the Parade on Television

Pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea, curl up under a blanket on the comfy couch, and dedicate the next couple of hours of your day to watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade from start to finish on the television that is in each of our vacation homes! Because you planned ahead, the burritos and whoopie pies you purchased from the Corner Store in Chatham allow you to take the edge off your Thanksgiving appetite without ruining your dinner!

Your Thanksgiving Feast

Now that your hunger pangs are beginning to morph into audible growls, it’s time to gather the family together and head to one of the many restaurants offering Thanksgiving meals on Cape Cod. Choose between the elegant atmosphere at Stars at Chatham Bars Inn, where they will be preparing a special meal for their guests, or dine on lobster and salmon instead of turkey at Chillingsworth in Brewster. For those of you seeking more adventure in your life, The Dinner Train in Hyannis is featuring a five-course Thanksgiving meal as you explore the beauty of Cape Cod on a three-hour tour.

As the Sun Sets on Another Beautiful Day in Paradise

Take a look at those satisfied faces that surround you. This Thanksgiving has been one about family, love, and making memories. Reserve your New England Vacation Rentals cozy cottage today and start counting your blessings!