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In recent years, the vacation rental market has grown substantially. As more travelers turn to rentals over traditional hotels, the market demand has grown for properties across the map. For vacation rental homeowners, this is great news, but it also means they have to do more in the way of incorporating marketable features to stand out from the competition. The following are six features that will help your property shine in a competitive vacation rental marketplace.

A Fully Equipped Kitchen

Whether guests are staying for a few nights or a month, there’s a good chance they won’t want to dine out at every meal. Having a fully-equipped kitchen waiting for them not only makes a property feel more inviting but provides for a budget-friendly alternative to local restaurants that guests appreciate.

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Furnishings that Reflect the Surroundings

Guest pick vacation rentals based on location and incorporating furnishings that reflect the surrounding they’re excited to explore through meticulous color palettes, patterns, or even wall art is a quick and simple way to upgrade the property. Highlighting the surrounding scenery indoors keeps the adventure alive for many guests and makes your property one of a kind on the market.

Access to Wi-Fi or High-Speed Internet

Yes, guests look at vacation rentals as an escape, but that doesn’t mean they’re hoping to be entirely disconnected from the world. Make sure to include access to Wi-Fi or high-speed internet into your property for those moments when guests are looking to reach out at the touch of a button. It’s a convenience factor that can make all the difference.

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High-Quality Bedding

After a day out exploring, guests are inevitably looking for a place to land at night that brings quality, comfort, and style. Having high-quality bedding in place to make them feel at home is a simple, yet luxurious touch that can elevate the guest experience significantly and make your property more marketable too.

Pet-Friendly Access at Cape Cpd Vacation Rentals

A large percentage of travelers feel their trip wouldn’t be complete without the company of a canine companion or two. Marketing your property as pet-friendly is a sure way to cast a wider net when it comes to prospective bookings.

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A Deck, Balcony, or Patio Guests can Enjoy

The interior of your vacation rental is a big draw for guests but so is the exterior. Rentals that have a deck, balcony, or patio for guests to enjoy are generally more appealing on the market. These exterior spaces provide a perfect place to highlight the scenery for the many guests who appreciate fresh air and a view.