You may have been dreaming about a Cape Cod visit for a very long time, but as your go-date draws even closer, do you really know how you are planning on spending your time in Pleasant Lake and the other towns and villages that make up our slice of paradise? Because we love it when our guests love their time spent on the Cape, here’s a Cape Cod itinerary for a week of fun in Pleasant Lake and the surrounding villages and towns. 


Start your day of Harwich explorations out with a hearty breakfast from Ruggie’s Breakfast and Lunch, which serves a large selection of international style breakfast items. A family friendly morning spent playing at Bud’s Go-Karts is always a treat, and when hunger pains signify it is time for lunch, lobster rolls from the Wooden Shoe will be a treat to your palate. An afternoon at Bank Street Beach, and then dinner at Brax Landing Restaurant finishes your first day on Cape Cod out nicely.

Tuesday of your Cape Cod itinerary

A stop at Hopkin’s House Bakery and Gift Shop upon your arrival in Pleasant Lake ensures that you can sleep in and enjoy a light but tasty breakfast in your NEVR cottage. Today’s explorations of Brewster will include a stop at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History, lunch or dinner (or both!) at JT’s Seafood Restaurant, and a brisk hike along the Cape Cod Rail Trail in the afternoon. This day in your Cape Cod itinerary seems like a lot of fun!


A mid-week beach day is always something special, allowing you to avoid the weekend crush, and Chatham is famous for its beaches. Lighthouse Beach is both scenic and tranquil and is the perfect spot for a Christmas card photo opportunity! Pack a cooler and spend the entire day playing, relaxing, and walking along water’s edge as you and the entire family experience the perfect Cape Cod day.


Your time on Cape Cod is drawing near its end, so let’s spend a day partaking in true New England adventures. Breakfast at the Lighthouse Café, a tour of the cranberry bogs in Harwich, and a delicious seafood dinner served in an authentic 19th century home (Cape Sea Grille) will serve as one of the highlights of your trip.


The next day in your Cape Cod itinerary has you vesting the Scargo Tower in South Dennis which offers incredible views of the island and a visit to Sodium, a gift shop, allows for the opportunity to purchase some hand-created works of art as a reminder of your stay in paradise. Dining at the Ebb Tide is a Cape Cod tradition and offers as true of a New England dining experience as possible.


Since your last day of the week will more than likely be spent traveling, why not make the most of your final full day in Pleasant Lake by staying home and enjoying the comforts of your NEVR vacation getaway? Sleep late, play board games with the family, and enjoy a home cooked meal in a home that is designed for family. Reserve yours today!