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Off the Beaten Path: Things to do in Chatham Only the Locals Know About

Cape Cod is famous throughout the world for being a vacation destination for the wealthy, the politically powerful, and upon occasion, royalty from other countries. And because of vacation property management companies like ours, it’s not just the rich and famous that visit Cape Cod; it’s a vacation spot for EVERYONE! The downside is there are certain times of the year where the beaches are crowded, the restaurant lines are long, and the streets are jammed, which can affect the joy of your Massachusetts getaway—unless, of course, you know about the secret, off-the-beaten-path things to do in Chatham that we present in this guide to treasured guests.

Everyone Knows About the Chatham Lighthouse

It’s practically an institution as one of the best things to do in Chatham, but did you know we have a second lighthouse that hardly anyone visits? Isolated but not quite desolate, the Stage Harbor Lighthouse is located about half an hour away from the Harding Beach parking area, and in our opinion, rivals its more famous counterpart! The pictures you take outside this classic Cape Cod structure should be printed and framed.

Romantic Things to Do in Chatham

Cape Cod is surrounded by water, so it should be expected that every street will lead to a beach at some point. While all of our beaches are unique and breathtaking, this secret beach has that little something extra. A short drive from your Chatham vacation rental and a mile-long walk will lead you to Crowe’s Pasture Beach in Dennis. This secret beach is almost always empty, and the views are absolutely stunning. Bring a blanket (and a warm coat in the offseason) and take a few hours to just observe; the peaceful tranquility will linger in your mind long after you’ve returned to real life.

Avoid the Lines and Eat with the Locals

Long lines and long waits can lead to cranky kids AND adults, but when you eat where the locals eat, you tend to bypass the extreme waits. The Captain’s Table at 576 Main Street is one of those places, hidden in plain sight right in the middle of downtown Chatham. Serving fresh seafood and classic Italian dishes as well as breakfast and brunch, it’s reasonable prices and hearty servings make this restaurant a favorite with the locals.

There are No Secrets Here

Our New England Vacation Rentals’ classic escapes are designed to make our guests feel right at home. Warm and welcoming, a stay with us can be the most magical part of your trip, and that’s not a secret! Reserve yours today and discover what thousands who have gone before you already know: The best vacations can be made even better with the right vacation accommodations.