Whether you have your travel sights set on scenic Chatham and Harwich or maybe time spent in Brewster or Barnstable is what you’re looking for, a trip to Cape Cod is always a thrilling experience! At New England Vacation Rentals, we know that the beautiful beaches, lighthouses, and scenery across Cape Cod speaks for themselves. That’s why we work hard to elevate the getaway experience for our guests even further by providing them with an aesthetic treat within all of our rentals. When visitors book with us and they’re looking for a home-away-from-home near the shoreline that embodies the best of Cape Cod living, they’ll find we have much more than expected. Many of our properties are outfitted with one-of-a-kind décor that take “coastal grandmother” design to the next level.

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The Incredible Appeal of the Coastal Grandmother Style

At New England Vacation Rentals, we take time to make sure that our rentals across Cape Cod are places where guests can settle into the style and luxury they crave and deserve from the moment they arrive. Our homes that integrate the coastal grandmother style into their aesthetics are inevitably homes where travelers can indulge in a simultaneously relaxed and refined atmosphere! The beauty of the coastal grandmother style is often found in its inviting sense of duality. It’s a design approach that’s decidedly elevated, yet makes inhabitants feel they can relax in a casual space that truly feels like their own. Coastal grandmother style embodies a sense of laid-back luxury that’s very inviting but stops short of being overtly cozy.

How Our Rental Properties Integrate the Costal Grandmother Design Influence

The difference comes down to the details in our homes that feature coastal grandmother style across Cape Cod. Within our property options of this type, guests will often find clean lines and design focal points that are refreshingly minimal. The combination of decorative features used in these homes creates a welcoming space complete with nautical-inspired elements and plenty of eye-catching pillows and throws as well. Seaside elegance comes to life through the inclusion of high-end vintage pieces paired with blues and whites throughout. Gingham is often a defining feature of coastal grandmother style and can be integrated into accent chairs, blankets, or wall décor patterns. Sheer curtains paired with floral prints elevate the style even further! Beyond the aesthetics, our homes come with the undeniable benefit of providing a view and surrounding scenery that’s naturally a part of the coastal grandmother style. Guests are invited to relax in authentic Cape Cod comfort from the moment they step inside.

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