5 Local Approved Things to Do on Cape Cod

Living on Cape Cod, we have seen all types of people over the years. Our home is one of the top tourist’s destinations worldwide, and we love the tourists, we really do! We also understand that you may not want to be labeled “tourist” during your visit to the Cape! If you’re anything like us, you want to blend in and feel like you are merely living in your second home. So for you stealthy visitors, we have compiled a list of five activities you would see any local participating in. Welcome to your home away from home!

Eat Like the Locals

Yes, Massachusetts is famous for its seafood, with most people visiting for our delicious lobster dishes, but were you aware that our blue crab ranks right up there with Maryland’s blue crabs? The best way to enjoy these tasty creatures is to grab them straight out of the sea, and cooking your own fresh caught crabs is a local tradition. The summer months are your best time (our waters get pretty cold after September), so grab a net, start wading the waters of Waquoit Bay, and swoop up your catch—it’s that easy! No permit is needed; just remember, January through April, no crabbing is allowed!

Go Fly a Kite

Literally! Kite flying on our breezy and beautiful beaches is a favorite past time here. Nauset Beach is popular with stunt kites and is a fun place just to sit and watch, but if you want to fly your own kites, you can buy one at nearly any store around!

Explore Our Cemeteries

It may sound creepy, but Cape Cod has some of the most beautiful and interesting cemeteries around. Centuries old grave stones are intricately carved and nothing like the shiny granite used in modern times. Take some time to walk along the paths and see if you can find the oldest headstone on the island.

Hiking the Dunes

We may not spend a lot of time sunning ourselves at our beautiful beaches, but there is nothing we like more than a solitary walk along the dunes. Good for your soul as well as your body, nothing clears your mind better than a brisk stroll with amazing views of lighthouses, the Coast Guard Station, and of course, the beautiful Atlantic Ocean.

Campfires on the Beach

You’ve seen it in the movies, but were you aware that with a beach fire permit, you can live the experience yourself? Permits are free, but limited; make sure you order yours at least three days in advance and follow the rules. Your romantic beach campfire awaits!

New England Vacation Rentals

These are just a sampling of non-touristy activities you can partake in during your unforgettable Cape Cod vacation. Book one of our luxury New England Vacation Rentals today and live like a local!