In a place as beautiful as Cape Cod, you can find incredible sights around every turn. There’s something about the Cape that speaks to the soul, and while it’s easy to find scenic spots, finding the most scenic ones is rather like choosing your favorite child! Obviously, we can’t do that, but for you, our treasured guests, we have to try. Though it was painful for us to have to choose, your happiness and satisfaction always comes first! Read on below to see our picks for the most scenic Cape Cod spots.

Scargo Tower, Scargo Hill Road in Dennis

The best way to see beauty of the Cape is by going up, and Scargo Tower is one of the highest spots in the mid-Cape area. Built of cobblestone and reaching 30 feet in height, this is one of our favorite places to watch the sun set over the waters. The simplest route, no matter where you are staying, is to take US6A to Scargo Hill Road; you’ll be able to see the tower once you’re close!

Gray’s Boardwalk, 400 S Center Street in Yarmouth Port

A part of Gray’s Beach, the boardwalk offers a picture-perfect scenic Cape Cod spot to take a wedding photo, your annual Christmas card photo, or to simply enjoy the serenity and beauty of your surroundings. Also known as Bass Hole and located off Center Street, US6A is the most popular route, offering scenic vistas along the way. Once you get to Gray’s Beach, visitors can take a walk along not just the boardwalk, but shore’s edge, leaving footprints that wash away with the next wave of the sea. The green grass of the marshes below, waving in the sea breezes, the blue skies above, and in the evening, the fiery sky as the sun sets into the horizon—life at Gray’s Beach is a stunning kaleidoscope of beauty.

Eddy Bay’s Trail in Brewster a Favorite Scenic Cape Cod Spot

Have you ever taken a hike that you never wanted to end? A hike so perfect from that first step to the last you have to wonder how you made it this far in life without experiencing it sooner? Well, if you haven’t, that’s all about to change when you take the Eddy Bay’s Trail in Brewster! Point your car towards US6A again, to Lower Road west until you find the Community Garden and the small parking lot located at the trailhead; you will know you’ve reached the spot when the smile on your face grows out of control! Offering rocky foundations from structures that no longer exist, berry bushes ripening beautifully and inviting you to take a taste, and a wooden bench on which to sit and ponder the exquisite views, this spot may be one you return to time and time again!

How’s the View from Your NEVR Escape?

Depending on which of our inviting properties you choose to stay in, the most scenic spots could be visible from your window. Reserve your charming Cape Cod cottage with us today and treat yourself to an unforgettable getaway!