The countdown has begun! Another page on the calendar has been torn off, bringing us closer to the lazy days of summer, with Memorial Day generally counting as the starting pistol for our favorite time of year. And although this special day offers the taste of sweet ice cream, the feel of sunburned noses, and the smell of fireworks, it’s the deeper side of the holiday that brings meaning into our lives, and for everyone who has lost someone close during their service for our country, spending Memorial Day close to the spot where our country began is the best way to honor those brave souls. This guide to Memorial Day on Cape Cod events will ensure you get to acknowledge both sides of the coin in ways that are fun and meaningful!

Town of Chatham Memorial Day on Cape Cod Ceremony

Moving is the only way we can describe this hour-long ceremony featuring Scouts, VFW members, American Legion members, the Chatham Coast Guard Color Guard, and the Coast Guard Auxiliary. Starting at 10 AM on May 27 and ending at 11:15 AM, it’s the perfect way to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation.

Brewster Memorial Day Parade

We love a parade and the Brewster Memorial Day Parade every year holds a special place in our hearts! Sponsored by the Veterans of Foreign War #9917 and beginning at noon, everyone from the very young to the very old will feel patriotic as they watch the red, white, and blue decorations on marching bands and floats stream on by. This is one of the favorite tourist attractions for Memorial Day on Cape Cod.

Town of Eastham Memorial Day Ceremony

Offering special readings to commemorate the day, Eastham’s Memorial Day on Cape Cod Ceremony is another local favorite. Those participating in this acknowledgment of Eastham’s veterans and their families include the fire department, police department, and the Coast Guard. Emotional and heartfelt, everyone is invited to attend!

Dennis Memorial Day Parade

Nothing represents our nation better than a good old-fashioned parade, and this one in Dennis has all that we love about the simple march. From decorated floats to marching bands to fire trucks and police cars gliding by with lights flashing, the visual wonders will make you smile as the speeches given will bring a tear to your eye!

Just a Sampling

Of course, the events listed here are just a sampling of the wonderful ways Cape Cod celebrates this meaningful holiday, and New England Vacation Rentals are first in line to celebrate, no matter which village we are in! And when it’s time to reserve your vacation digs, we hope you’ll think of us and our homes that are built in the classic New England style and are the perfect place to celebrate any holiday. We have extensive list of vacation rentals, including our Eastham rentals and properties in Brewster, Dennis Port, Orleans, Truro, and Provincetown. Reserve yours today!