For most of us, real estate values are the largest sums of money we’ll ever work with. When such money is at stake, you need to choose someone proven and trustworthy to get you the most out of your property. Here at NEVR, we do just that—not just in keeping your rental property earning you income, but in making your property more enjoyable to own and in better condition than you could keep it otherwise. Read on for five reasons that our property management services are exactly what you need!

We Are Managers First and Foremost

Our company began with property management, and as property managers we have grown and thrived. We started as owners ourselves, so we know exactly the sorts of issues that a property owner faces when renting out their homes. All sorts of hurdles, from booking quality guests, to scheduling home care services to mediating even legal stuff, we know how to leap—so you don’t have to.

We Make Your Property Work for You

We know that property is valuable—if you’re not using it, someone wants to. That’s why we use assertive marketing strategies to get your house on the rental market and bring income home to you. Plus, we know how to work the market by adjusting prices, rates, and stay durations according to fluctuating seasons and availability. We will also work with you to make sure your home has the look and amenities that guests are seeking.  If you were thinking of just letting a friend of yours watch your house and collect the mail while you’re not using it, you would be missing out!

We Make GREAT First Impressions

Speaking of selling points, we go above and beyond when it comes to cleanliness. Your property will be clean and welcoming for any guest, which means a strong first impression, which means more returning customers.

Keep Your Best Amenities in Top Condition

We know that it’s the extras that really sell a property, so we make sure that every selling point your property enjoys is kept pristine. A pool? Maintained. Air conditioning? Kept working. Wide windows? Kept clean. Whenever you visit your property, you’ll find it in the best condition possible—without you having lifted a finger.

We’ll Prepare Your Revenue Reports

Reporting income on property can be confusing—don’t worry, we have you covered. We’ll prepare your income forms such as 1099, making tax season no less of a hassle than if you weren’t renting at all. It’s just one more way we make life easier for you.

If these reasons have you sold, then call 508-432-0900 to set up our services with your property. Still not convinced? Call us anyway, or e-mail at with any questions or concerns—we’re convinced we can put any doubts to rest. We’re one of the best at what we do, so call us and let us prove it!