The idea of purchasing a Cape Cod vacation property has been brewing in the back of your head for years. Perhaps you have often visited Cape Cod, and every time you came back, you felt welcomed and surprisingly at home. Now, an opportunity has arisen to purchase a property in Chatham, a smoking deal if you will, but the fears have rushed in as well, as you realize you don’t have the slightest idea of how to go about the reality of owning a vacation property. The good news is you found your way to this page, and with over 20 years in the vacation rental business, we at New England Vacation Rentals want to help you make your Chatham property the success you dreamed it could be!

We Do the Hard Work

The idea seems simple at face value. Buy a property in Chatham, rent it out, and watch your retirement coffers grow while enjoying your own vacations here rent-free, but is anything in life really that simple? After location, (You’ve done extremely well in that department!) you need to make sure that the style is inviting, the home is clean, and that the guests want to stay there! You need to have photographs taken that present your property in its best light, and you need to ensure that the price you are thinking of charging is just right; too high and guests will avoid your investment like the plague, but if your price is too low, you are cheating yourself out of income. Once all of this has been handled and your property is on all the most popular vacation rental sites, then the real work begins as you begin to handle money, paperwork, reservations, cleaning crews, maintenance, and upkeep. The list of what goes on behind the scenes can be intimidating, but when you choose New England Vacation Rentals to manage your Chatham investment property, your part suddenly does become simple. You do a little paperwork, ensure that you have the proper safety and permitting procedures in effect, and sit back and watch us do the rest! From marketing to upkeep and all the little details in between, we help your property become the star of the rental market.

Your Success Means We Have Done Our Job Right

Give us a call today and let’s get started making your investment dreams come true!