During a visit to Cape Cod, one must always make time to visit the legendary and picturesque lighthouses. Below, we have a list of historic lighthouses that will impress visitors with their stories and enduring qualities. Be sure to read about them!

West Dennis Light at the Lighthouse Inn

This historic lighthouse was built in 1855. The light was in service from 1855 to 1914; it then was extinguished until the late 1900s. The property that accompanies the lighthouse was bought by a Senator and made open to the public after him and his family entertained guests so often that it became an attraction. The Senator, Everett Stone, and his family then relit the lighthouse in 1989 as a seasonal aid for navigation. It now operates every summer and is open to the public to come and visit!

Highland Light on Cape Cod National Seashore

Highland Lighthouse was built in 1797 and stands as one of the oldest and highest lighthouses on Cape Cod. It went under construction in 1857 and remains in top form to this day! The lovely lighthouse is open year-round from May 1st to mid-October. Guests can walk through a guided tour of the lighthouse and even watch a 10-minute video of the history behind its use. The guided tour is offered from 10-5:30 pm. The light actively serves as an aid to navigation for the U.S. Coast Guard. It’s historic and modern day use will ensure guests a window into the unique qualities of Cape Cod lighthouses.

Nauset Lighthouse

Nauset also boasts antique qualities. The lighthouse was built in 1887 as one of the twin lights of Chatham. It then moved in 1923 to where it stands today, which is also on the Cape Cod National Seashore. Nauset almost underwent closure in 1993 due to erosion, but the Nauset Light Preservation Society financed a move more inland so that it would remain a staple of Cape Cod history. The Preservation Society now manages it and opens it up to visitors who want to hear about its historic journey!

Each lighthouse stands as its own unique landmark in the beautiful landscape of Cape Cod. The visitors who witness and learn about these historic sites will learn the story of Cape Cod in many ways. To find out how to plan a stay and visit a lighthouse, contact us today!