As we move deeper into this wild new millennium, we find ourselves realizing that the old ways we have scorned for so long have new merit. Family meals held around the dinner table without cell phones, morning walks that are good for your constitution, and eating more fresh and organic foods and less processed ones are all on the table again! It turns out there really is a substitute for ease and convenience, and when you taste the local foods you can purchase from your regional farmers’ markets, you begin to understand why fresh is so much better!

Getting used to farm fresh fruits and vegetables can quickly become your newest obsession, and the good news is that healthy living doesn’t need to stop during your unforgettable Cape Cod vacation. We’ve compiled this list of local Cape Cod farmers market for you to visit during your stay in our cozy New England Vacation Rentals homes.

Harwich Farmers’ Market, 80 Parallel Street, Harwich

Held on Thursdays from the middle of June through the middle of October (3-6PM) the Harwich Farmers’ Market is a prime example of everything wonderful! Offering locally harvested fruits, flowers, vegetables, and herbs, an afternoon spent wandering the aisles will put you in a peaceful state of mind.

Orleans Farmers’ Market, 21 Old Colony Way

Saturday mornings are meant for sleeping in, quiet breakfasts, and when you’re vacationing on Cape Cod, trips to the Orleans Farmers’ Market! Held every Saturday from 8AM (a cowbell will ring signifying shoppers can begin to shop!) until noon, this market offers the usual and the delicious: ripe juicy tomatoes that are fat and healthy, fragrant garlic to add spice to all your meals, and delectable homemade items that include pies, cakes, jams, and jellies!

The Sandwich Farmers’ Market, 164 MA-6A, Sandwich

The magic of Tuesdays on vacation are knowing there’s nothing you HAVE to do and so many things you want to do, and when you spend that vacation on Cape Cod, Tuesday mornings from 9AM until 1PM are the best time to enjoy the wonders of the Sandwich Farmers’ Market! A celebration of all the hard work done by local farmers and artisans, this market even offers healthy treats for your favorite fur-baby, tasty Vietnamese food, Greek foods from Monopati Farms, and so many other delicious items that you may have to plan another trip to the Cape to discover it all!

The Magic Continues

It’s the simple moments that bring about the most memorable experiences: coffee at sunrise, family meals served with laughter and love, and waking up after a deep night’s sleep in a cloud soft bed, feeling cozy and rested. All these activities, and many more, can be experienced when you rent a New England Vacation Rentals classic cottage. Reserve yours today and make this family vacation a magical one!