In the small towns that dot the New England coast, you’ll find lots of smaller stores that break the monotony of endless restaurant chains. Local restaurants like these are a great way to get to know Cape Cod! That said, the chance to get the freshest seafood possible does come with a cost. If you’re looking for some more affordable options to balance out your food budget, look for these restaurants!

George’s Pizza House

A delicious meal for $10 or less? One’s hiding right on Harwich’s Main Street between Allen Harbor and Wychmere Harbor. George’s Pizza House was one of the nominees for best pizza on Cape Cod, but they go beyond that too, with a variety of pasta, sandwiches, and calzones. If you’re looking for a large pizza for about $14, but are still craving local flair, check out George’s!

The Corner Store

Some corners are more important than others—for example, the corner of Queen Anne Road and Meetinghouse Road in Harwich features The Corner Store, a popular spot for burritos and sandwiches! It’s always bustling here. For about $10 – $11, you’ll get a fresh-tasting meal that’s miles better than normal fast food. Their meals are also highly customizable, making it a good spot for diverse parties of eaters! They also have a store in Orleans as well, if you happen to be further north.

The Dog House

Looking for a cost-effective meal to complement a day at the beach? Check out The Dog House in Dennis! You can get a good meal here for $6, though some of their fancier options like the salmon burger and The Junkyard Dog are a buck or two more, and some of their simpler options cost less. As a small bonus—their sign is pretty cute. Look out for it on Lower Country Road, west of Shad Hole Road.

Mercantile Inc.

This is a sandwich place, more commonly called “The Merc.” If you happen to be over in Dennis, be on the lookout for it near Old Bass River on Old King Highway. Their sandwiches become outstanding thanks to their mastery of less common ingredients such as cranberry sauce, sauerkraut, sprouts, pineapple, brie, and Havarti (not all on the same sandwich of course… unless you really want to order that!). You must try this place if you’re in the area—for a fabulous $6.50 sandwich, what do you have to lose?

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