As cooler days begin to arrive on Cape Cod, our thoughts start to turn to the simple pleasures in life: a roaring fire in the fireplace, a cup of steaming hot coffee on a cold November morning, and a sweet treat that fills the empty spaces in our stomach as it warms our souls. Because we Northeasterners understand that a piece of pie or a cupcake or even a homemade piece of fudge is the way to anyone’s hearts, our bakeries are amongst the best in the nation! When it’s time for your Chatham vacation, be sure to make some time to stop in any, or all, of the following establishments; these are the best bakeries in Chatham!

Marion’s Pie Shop, 2022 Main Street

If you’ve ever attempted to make your own pie from scratch, you understand it’s not as easy as it looks. From the crust to the filling to the toppings, it takes a pie artist to conquer the problems and create heaven. Marion’s Pie Shop has been serving pies since 1947, and even though neither of the owners today are named Marion, their pies are masterpieces of magnificent sweetness and wonder that would do Marion proud! Also serving savory pies of chicken, steak, and seafood, everything they offer is flavorful and delicious.

Chatham Village Café & Bakery, 69 Crowell Road

This sweet eatery lives up to the quality you have come to expect from the town of Chatham, serving epicurean delights that never fail to please! Known for its hearty lunches that in the summer can best be enjoyed on the wooden picnic tables set up on its lawn, it’s the scrumptious treats they make fresh every day that has us coming back time and time again. Also offering donuts and breads in addition to their pies, cakes, and pastries, if you can’t find what you’re looking for at the Chatham Village Café & Bakery, you’re not really trying!

Chatham Perk, 307 Orleans Road

Can you imagine a coffee shop that doesn’t serve some kind of sweet treats to go along with their main attraction, the simple cup of joe? Well, we can’t either, and Chatham Perk is the perfect spot for those moments when you want something strong, rich, and dark and a little sweet to go along with it! Their pastry display case is chock-full of tasty goodness, including cannolis, cupcakes, and personal sized pies and tarts, and if you miss out on this spot during your Chatham vacation, you’re sorely going to regret it!

What Best Accompanies These Sweet Treats?

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