Compared to the sprawling metropolises of Chicago, Los Angeles, or Phoenix, the Cape Cod towns and villages like Harwich may seem tiny, but that doesn’t mean they’re not full of things to do! Challenge yourself to see how much you have access to from a quaint small town, the list below will show you some of the great Harwich attractions has to offer!

Hawksnest State Park

One of the biggest draws to Harwich is its many lovely nature trails and beaches. Hawksnest State Park is one of these secluded natural treasures. While it doesn’t receive as much love in the maintenance department as some parks, the views make up for it, with plenty of ponds and lakes to enjoy. Indeed, its lack of amenities is one reason people love it so much. Dirt roads and fallen branches accentuate the feeling of seclusion, despite being so close to all the other wonderful parts of Harwich.

Fantastic Restaurants

When it comes to Cape Cod, there are plenty of local restaurants that’ll vie for your attention, Harwich is lucky enough to boast some of the best in the area. For example, if you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, it’s hard to beat George’s Pizza House on Main Street in Harwich Port. The 400 East is also a busy place thanks to its variety of options and cozy feel. On the other hand, if money’s no object, a romantic evening at Twenty-Eight Atlantic at Wequassett Resort can’t be beat. Open to the public, its gorgeous views of Pleasant Bay and top-quality service will make it a night to fondly remember!

Marconi Maritime Center

If you extend your search to neighboring towns, Chatham is home to the Marconi Maritime Center, an exciting place to visit for any history or technology buffs. The building started as a receiving station in 1914, but came into its own as secret Navy Post in World War II, when it was used to eavesdrop on German U-boat conversations. Many exhibits showcase the beginning and growth of wireless technology, a fantastic chance to show the kids just how far technology has come!

Always Say NEVR!

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